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Investify Stocks: Pakistan’s Premier Real-Time Stocks and Portfolio Manager

(Last Updated On: 12/10/2015)

BlueInk Labs Pakistan has developed the Pakistan’s first ever real-time stocks and portfolio manager for the Karachi Stocks Exchange (KSE). The app is named as Investify Stocks. Investify Stocks will allow the users to get the detail of KSE trading and market data in real-time to make quick decisions. The best about Investify Stocks is that it provides the detailed trading data, fundamentals and technical that allows the businessmen to make right decisions at right time.screennew

By using Investify Stocks, stock managers and agents can personal stock watchlist and portfolio manager to keep the record of their investment. The other unique feature of this app is about business news and daily market closure that will be provided via notifications on daily basis.discovernew

The other top features of Investify Stocks are:

  • Track Portfolio Returns
  • Flexible Stocks Watchlist
  • Fundamentals & Technicals
  • Live KSE & KMI Indices
  • Symbol Sorting Features
  • Market Notifications
  • Top Business News

Investify Stocks is best for knowing about live trading if KSE for KSE 100, KSE 30, KSE ALL & KMI 30 Indices. It also displays the company symbol, sector and profile to guide further.investifymain

In Portfolio Management there is system of:

  • Tracking of personal portfolio for daily and total returns
  • Portfolio returns for individual stocks and combined returns
  • Re-order for portfolio items
  • Trading transactions system to enter price, quantity and date.
  • Portfolio sell transactions are done on a FIFO basis (First-in First-out).
  • Know about profit & loss on sell transaction instantly.

Download Investify Stocks (only for Android).

Free Version, Pro Version

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