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KP Govt announces holiday on 15-16 Dec over 1st Anniversary of APS Attack

(Last Updated On: 13/12/2015)

16th December 2014 marks one of the most regrettable day in Pakistan’s history as the innocent souls were victimized by the terrorist organizations attack on the Army Public School.

The day was called as the black day of the history of Pakistan as this attack becomes the deadliest terrorist attack ever in Pakistan’s history, which left almost 141 dead, out of which 132 were the children aging between 6-18.

The attack was also condemned internationally and was also called as one of the brutalist attack, which left so many casulaities, and most importantly over 90% the deceased were children, who are regarded as the future of the nations.

Follwing this accatsck highl level officiall metting swere held to eradicate the terrorism from the Pak soil, doing so military operation Zarb-e-Azb was introduced which is still now ongoing and has done much of the work it was launched for.

Few days are left in the first anniversary of the gruesome incident; people are willing to pay tribute to the departed souls. Viewing all that and recognsing the importance life loss on the day in 2014, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has announced public holiday in the province on 15th and 16th December.

The official announcemenmt is today made by the Chief Minister KP Pervez Khattak while addressing the event held over the completion of 100 hundred years of Islamia College Peshwar. Earlier, Imran Khan during his address on Facebook also spoke about the day and also told about the holiday over the incident.

Furthermore, he also told about the KP government naming the monuments and buildings after the martyers of APS Attack.

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