Laraib Atta daughter of Attaullah made into Hollywood


Just recently the Pakistani community discovered that one of their own is actually making waves in Hollywood being an accomplished visual artist. And not only that however she happens to be the daughter of Pakistani musical maestro Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi.


She’s Laraib Atta. And she has worked on visual effects on Prince of Persia, Godzilla, Gravity,X-Men, the Chronicles of Narnia, 10,000 BC and Sweeney Todd for starters.

Who knew that Aslan from Narnia was made by a team of animators that included a Pakistani also.
Laraib Atta was Nineteen when she started working in Hollywood as Pakistan’s youngest and perhaps the very first visual impact artist from our country to do this.laraib-1

She proved herself by first focusing on commercials for Disney, Rolling Stones and George Michael. High profile worldwide activities such as the Olympic games in China and the Nike Football promotional were also completed by Laraib Atta, serving as a accounts to her world-class abilities and skill like a innovative visual performer.
Presently she’s employed at the Imasblue and Glassworks Barcelona (Spain), after formerly doing work at the BBC Television center in London, SKY and MPC, amongst others.
A film with no visible artist these days is just unheard of, at least in Hollywood where many movies (especially tent-pole blockbusters) has a lot of animated graphics, special effects and CGI in it.


Believe the electronically replaced conditions and normal flora and fauna in Avatar. Think the mind-blowing changes of Autobots and Decepticons in Transformers.


Think Arnold’s Terminator style. They are stuff that are created possible by the best visuallization greater than the software and hardware equipment which goes into making these. People like Laraib Atta and Mir Zafar Ali (Frozen, The Golden Compass, Life of Pi) have done Pakistan proud in this way using their efforts to visual effects.
Laraib Atta’s share is certainly not short of wonderful. And we’re not even discussing her visual artist just work at the instant.

When people from the West consider Pakistan, usually, these people view a region that is constantly in chaos and turmoil. And then they come into contact with people like Laraib, who difficult task every preconditioned notions that foreign people may have about our country.

Laraib’s effort is wonderful without doubt and also on the top of that, she’s becoming an ambassador for a more radiant, progressive and ready-for-the-future Pakistan. Her perform and laurels help a lot in challenging people’s ideas of Pakistan for the much better.

There is difficulty in your own home without doubt, that makes one lose faith. However, away from blue, despite all the morass that we’ve become so familiar with viewing and experiencing, it’s usually a pleasant shock when one of our own can make it to the world stage for all the correct factors.


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