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Leaked Image Suggests WhatsApp All-Set to Launch ‘Video-Calling’ Feature

(Last Updated On: 26/12/2015)

Although voice calling was introduced earlier by the company, now it’s time to have another stride towards modernity as WhatsApp is going to allow you enjoy Video Calling at No Cost.

The hint has been derived after a leaked screenshot was revealed suggesting the messaging App is testing a video call feature to give hard times to Apple’s FaceTime and Microsoft’s Skype.

The blurred image of the screenshot shows a side-by-side shot of a video call being attended and answered, alongside the photo’s camera is capturing what it can eye on during the video calling.


The leaked shot was posted by German Apple blog Macerkopf and it resembles WhatsApp’s calling imagery of design.

In the light of these reports saying WhatsApp is ready to introduce VideoCalling feature, the app may be testing the new addition with a limited number of users before triggering it for the vast variety of users across the world.

Earlier, the company had brought in the new feature of voice calling for its Android and iOS apps this year. This feature enables the users to simply click on the ‘Calls’ tab to opt for any contact from their list to make a voice call without using any mobile balance. However, this voice calling feature could can only be workable between WhatsApp users and it needs an internet connection for both the users.

There are number of Apps available for both desktop as well as mobile devices that offer you to enjoy free video calling if you are connected with the Internet. However, this new addition by WhatsApp, the users would have more freedom and liberty to make video calls to anyone from their contact lists having the same facilities as you have. And, after this feature of WhatsApp is released for the users worldwide, it would be a challenge for other such utilities to convince their clients to keep loyal with what they have been using for years.

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