List of Top Accelerators and Incubators in Pakistan

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(Last Updated On: 09/07/2015)

For becoming an entrepreneur, one must be equipped with the right tools and correct mindset. For starting up new business one should have some idea along with the investment. Many of us want to start up some business but minds are not clear what to do and how to manage or arrange the investment.

Incubators serve as mentors or advisor for startups, guiding and helping them with right kind of people. Accelerators are more structured and goal oriented having specific time period in mind and work on achieving important milestones.

Incubators and accelerators contributing the success of new startups helping them in garnering funds from investors.

1. Plan 9:

plan 9 logoThis is the biggest Government owned incubator and is run by Punjab Information Technology Board. Plan 9 is Lahore based. Along with consultancy and mentoring it also offers office space to its startups  without taking any percentage from the equity of the startup. Instead of providing direct funding, it provides right contacts for acquiring funds. It has made many new startups to stand on their own feet.

2. Invest2Innovate (i2i):

This is an accelerator with strong mentoring capabilities. They select aspiring entrepreneurs having potential and work on them. Tutor them on the art of starting a business for 4 months along with grooming them as future CEOs. It also helps the startups to connect with investor for funds. It is working in Karachi as well in Lahore. Bliss, Dheere Bolo and Meri Taleem are its successful startups.

3. The Foundation:

This accelerator is a teaching program by the Lahore Institute of Management Sciences (LUMS) Center for Entrepreneurship. They select the startups and train them for four months and also take its percentage in startup’s equity. Under training startups are also provided with office space and stipend. Its successful startups include Interrata, biz clout, Cognitica and Savaree.

4. Plan X:

This is an outgrowth of Plan 9 offering a 6 months teaching program to those startups who have already been in market for some time and need guidance.  It is Lahore based and is free of cost as well. Travly, XGear and Baby Planet are its successful startups.

5. The Nest.IO:

This is new incubator which is Karachi based funded by U.S State Department. It provides 4 months training program to startups, provide workspace along with helping to find investors.


Institution of Business Administration, Karachi and Aman Foundation collectively launched this incubator. They focus on teaching the art of selling to startups. Both males and females are being trained here.

7. Mini Ventures:

This is an Angel seed fund helping startups to become profitable establishments by providing them with initial capital. Also helps startups to connect with influential people in industry.

8. Peracha Organisation:

This is an accelerator that supports tech related startups. It don’t support firms that in prototype stage. It helps them to get right customers and may provide funds and grants whenever required.

9. MIT Enterprise of Pakistan:

MITEP promote IT companies of Pakistan by offering a Business Acceleration Program (BAP) that exposes such firms to the US markets and investors. It also provide mentoring.

10. SEED Incubation Center:

This is an incubator supporting fresh graduates. Along with mentoring, it helps them in research in infancy of startup. On later stages it helps by providing funding, office space, networking and legal guidance.

11. Venexel:

This is incubator. Provides initial training and guidance along with the funding. They also connect their startups to technical co-founders.

12. Jumpstart Pakistan:

This company helps young entrepreneurs to connect with experienced person of their field. They mentors startups and also provide them initial funding.

13. Business Incubation Center University of Agriculture:

This incubation is based in University of Agriculture Faisalabad. They provide technical assistance and guidance to startups.

14. Cyan Capital:

This is a private equity firm that supports and funds large companies who want to expand their business in Pakistan or internationally. It invests between PKR 700 million ($6.72 million) and PKR 4000 million ($38.44 million).

15. Arpatech:

They provide technical solutions to companies facing issues. They support startups, starting from the conceptualization of the idea, to the networking required a little later.

16. Breeze Angel Investments:

This company mentors and provide capital to technology startups. They provide aid in all aspects to preferably to a firm. They offer initial product strategies.

17. DYL Ventures:

This is a firm that mentors the startups. They guide startups, help in marketing of their product and also provide initial funding.

18. Dotzero:

They provide consultancy services and also do funding ranging from $5,000 to $250,000.

19. Business Incubation Center University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences:

This incubation is launched by University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS) in Lahore. They provide consultancy services and helps startups by funding and marketing assistance.

20. SMEDA:

Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA) in 1988 launched by Govt of Pakistan for the promotion of small and medium industries. It provides funding and trains the important aspects of business growth.

21. NUST Technology Incubation Center:

National University of Sciences and Technology runs this incubation promotes technology based business. It provides office space and business support to startups.

22. Cloud 9 Startups:

This company mentors the local startups and provide support for fledgling companies. It also provide funding upto Rs 1 million.

23. TiE Islamabad Chapter:

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) in 1992 was launched by a group of competent successful entrepreneurs and business analysts with the aim to aims to mentor and train the aspiring young entrepreneurs. It helps startups by connecting them to the right investor.

24. ICT RnD Fund:

This is a fund for bringing academia and industries together getting new research ideas to transform into business initiatives. The fund is provided for research and development of technological ideas.

25. COMSATS Incubation centre:

COMSATS Institute of Technology is running this incubation for converting research idea into business initiatives. It provides trainings and business support to startups.

26. Basecamp:

This firm is Peshawar based and is 1st company of this type providing co-working space to startups.

27. KPK Incubation Center:

It is Peshawar based incubation center providing business support to startups and helps them to grow. It also provides funding up to Rs 1 million.

28.The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Incubation, IBA, Sukkur:

This incubation is a part of the IBA University providing business support to startups. It is with the collaboration of academia and industry. It make their connections with right investors for funding.

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