Lums.edu.pk LUMS official Website Hacked due to Mama Qadeer

Two websites of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship and LUMS Art Club were hacked on Friday morning, April 09 , 2015, by hacker named “Mr. Pakistan.” The sites were goes under maintenance mode within short duration.

According to hacker Mr. Pakistan, the sites was hacked because of inviting a Balouch human and social activist, Mama Qadeer by the management of LUMS for a talk on the rights of Balouchies. The talk by the name of “Unsilencing Baluchistan” was arranged by the LUMS that was part of an ongoing series on highlighting justice and human rights issues in country especially of Balouchies. According to Daily Times, Mama Qadeer, Ali Talpur, and I A Rahman was the special guest of the event.

The scheduled show was cancelled on the order of Pakistani government. On the day of event, LUMS made a statement after receiving government order to cancel the show:

“Under the re-mapping justice series, an event scheduled at LUMS for the 9th of April 2015 had to be cancelled on orders from the government, which was most unfortunate indeed. We are proud that all such discussions have taken place in an academic environment that is collegial and respectful of all citizens, as well as diverging points of view.”

Hacked website: http://arts.lums.edu.pk/

After the site being hacked, the hacker post the following message:

“According to Article 19 of constitution of Pakistan, Freedom of Expression is allowed ONLY if it is not against Islam, its integrity, Security or Defence of Pakistan. You invited a BANNED Person for a seminar to spread hatred and to manipulate brains of students through your event. We will not Tolerate such activities as a Pakistani Nation.”

“Stop Promoting the traitors. LUMS you will be smashed if you dare to destabilize Pakistan. We have Eyes on YOU.”


Agr Pakistan ki Taraf maili ankh se dekhugay tu tumhari qabroon k nishan bhi nai mailain gay.

Greetings Pakistan


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