3 Bahadur Comic Series Launched by Waadi Animations

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Sample Comic Strip

Waadi Animations did marvelous job by taking initiative of making Pakistan’s leading creative animation film 3 Bahadur. Official trailer of 3 Bahadur is already been launched for this exclusive Animated Pakistani Film. This movie has superb quality with the amazing sound effects which made it even more interesting.Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of this 3D movie and everyone one in industry expects this movie to be a trendsetter for young animation industry in Pakistan.


Waadi Animations Pakistani Animation studio announced the official launch of their website and with introduction of the official Comic Strip Series. These comic strips can be accessed though official website page.


3 Bahadur Story Background:

Three fearless friends set off on an epic journey to save their town from a criminal overlord and his band of thugs. Armed with courage and superpowers, Saadi, Amna and Kamil encounter menacing villains and fumbling thugs as they battle against the odds in the hope of restoring peace and harmony in Andher Basti.

3 Bahadur’s HD Trailer:

3 Bahadur’s trailer on Tune.pk:

Kids can submit jokes, riddles, stories, drawings, poems etc. to show their braveness and love towards the characters, which will later be selected for publication on their website.

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