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Meera’s English Tutor quits after failing to deduce any positive results

(Last Updated On: 24/12/2015)

Without any mainstream projects align even without endorsing for any known brands she has always been the talk of the town. Intentionally or unintentionally, she has become the drama-queen of Pakistan, as her propagandas and tactics book her slot in the headlines. But this time, she might not be blamed for the reason to be in the news as this is what Meera is, there is nothing disguised or created by her to be in the news.

Up the latest, Meera got into the headlines as her English Tutor gave up after teaching 2 months to the sultry actress. The tutor has shared various reasons behind excusing from tutoring her and parting from the job which provides him a whopping amount of Rs. 35,000 salary per month as he told that actually Meera did not pay attention and spent most of her time outside Lahore. The other reason for his backlash was that whenever he asked Meera a question in English, her response would mean the opposite of what she intended to say.

The positive sign we can derive from all this futile end is that at least Meer Ji has got to know that she need to be focused about her English skills as earlier several time she with her English blunders have  got in troubles.

On the other hand, recently she have also unveiled that she had improved her English language, and if it might be the truth then it’s a big blow for all who have been earlier mocking the skilful actress.

The other bitter truth is that Meera Jee faces not only difficulty while speaking English as several times she has spoken never-listen-before Urdu.

With due respect, if she would be paying more attention towards her communication skills then particularly on English that might be more beneficial for her.

Here is a video, which tells us that how difficult it can be to teach English to the once leading actress of Pakistani cinema:



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