Lahore Emporium Mall will be largest mall in Pakistan; opening in 2016

The construction of largest shopping mall in Pakistan is in the process in Johar Town, Lahore. Named as the Emporium Mall containing 11 stories with total land area of almost 2.7 million square feet, it will be the largest shopping mall in Pakistan. Construction of the mall is in the process and the mall is set to open in 2016 for the public.

Recently the British High Commissioner to Pakistan Philip Barton has inaugurated the largest shopping mall of the Pakistan and appreciated the projects. Later on in his tweet, he also appreciated the decision taken by Mian Mansha.

The scheme of the mall includes shopping centers, food courts, a hotel, retail price shops, cinemas and wedding facilities.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, British High Commissioner to Pakistan said, Pakistan is rapidly changing because of the development works. “Gwadar Project is fascinating. China has started a number of development projects in Pakistan. I am seeing a reverse brain drain in Pakistan that would prove to be a game changer for the country”, he added.

Commenting over the structure and design of the Emporium Mall, Mr. Philip said that the mall is in perfect in line with international and will open employment opportunities for almost 10,000 people.

The event was led by the Mian Mohammad Mansha in an effort to strengthen the relation between Pakistani and British business sector.

Aedas Divisional Director Marcus Wilkins said, “There has been an increase in demand for retail space in Lahore, essentially due to the large population increase and growth of diverse income groups. Aedas is delighted to play its role in helping the city to meet this demand as well as create a significant catalyst for the ongoing development of the area.”

The project of Emporium Mall is being head by the Nishat Group that is among the Pakistan’s leading business groups. This mall will be a place for all business sectors from fashion accessories to groceries recreation products, entertainment points and much more. A boutique, hotel, and cinema are also the part of the project.BritishHighComm_Nishat2 BritishHighComm_Nishat1 BritishHighComm_Nishat6 BritishHighComm_Nishat5 BritishHighComm_Nishat7 BritishHighComm_Nishat3 BritishHighComm_Nishat8 BritishHighComm_Nishat9 BritishHighComm_Nishat11 BritishHighComm_Nishat12 BritishHighComm_Nishat13 BritishHighComm_Nishat14 BritishHighComm_Nishat15 BritishHighComm_Nishat10 BritishHighComm_Nishat16 BritishHighComm_Nishat4 BritishHighComm_Nishat18 BritishHighComm_Nishat20 BritishHighComm_Nishat19 BritishHighComm_Nishat22 BritishHighComm_Nishat24 BritishHighComm_Nishat21 BritishHighComm_Nishat17

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