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Neelum Munir was offered to work in Anti-Pakistan Movie

(Last Updated On: 02/09/2015)

Stardom has its own charm, some have to travel farthest to reach that and some are born for it. They just keep on getting much more than they could have imagine, the similar is the case with Neelum Munir, who has become heartthrob of million hearts within no time. And the way she remains actively participating socially makes her more popular among her followers.

Neli 3

Neelum Munir, is one of the most delicate young rising Pakistani actress and model is quite fame for her natural existing beauty, especially mole near her lips makes her more prominent in the industry. She is widely recognised as ’til wale’ (one having mole).

Neli 2

Neelum has reached heights of popularity so rapidly and her beauty have played basic role in doing it so. In a recent Tv show, where Neelum appeared as a guest told about the movie offers she got from Bollywood.

The young actress was along with Faisal Qureshi, revealed that one of the film she was being offered from Bollywood was ‘Yeh Film Pakistan Main Ban Hai’ (This film is ban in Pakistan). This could be a really surprising name for a Bollywood movie as before it not any movie having such name have appeared. Neelum showing her patriotic point of view told that she disagreed to play in the film as it’s bit risky. She also telling that the role in the film offered was of a Pakistani agent, who gets on supporting Pakistan.

Neelum further spoke about the current ‘burning issue’ of social media, ‘Phantom’, which was banned in Pakistan.  Being patriotic to the nation, she also told that she didn’t like the movie as it’s directly against Pakistan and it hurts feelings of many.



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