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No to Nadia Khan Show! Meera arrives in Aamir Liaquat’s Subh e Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 10/12/2015)

It’s not been long when Meera arrived on the sets of Geo Tv as a guest in Nadia Khan Show, but it all went controversial as before the show she fought with Nadia Khan’s show producer over not fitting the demands of her.

But this all didn’t finish over as the video of Meera at sets of Nadia Khan Show went viral. After all this, Nadia Khan lambasted Meera over bringing such disgrace at the sets of her show. In further episodes of the show, Nadia Khan also narrated the whole incident and showed Meera’s injustice with the team of Nadia Khan’s show but on the other hand, she also told that even after such disturbing acts of the stars actress, her team was still struggling to make her comfortable.

Around all this it was also told that with this kind of immaturity  Meera will further not be called in any of the show as this incident was pronounced as Meera’s furious attack on Media.

Besides all this buzz, today Meera came in as a guest in Aamir Liaquat show at Geo Kahani and still now with all the updates no untoward incident took place. The episode was on aired today and was in the amiable and superb environment as it is used to be.


Here it should be mentioned that it’s a comeback show of Aamir Liaquat, who is one of the most influential media men of Pakistan. Dr Aamir Liaquat who has now become a household name for his efforts of spreading the message of love and peace for everyone, with his latest season of Subh e Pakistan, has got appreciations and applauses from all over.


And somehow casting a show with Meera, is also a  kind of message of peace and love for all.

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