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Why marriage isn’t a royal road for Hamza Ali Abbasi, the actor disclosed

(Last Updated On: 09/12/2015)

It will neither be wrong to call  Hamza Ali Abbasi the most wanted bachelor of Pakistan film Industry. Not just for his acting, he is also famous among masses for sharing some knowledgeable stuff among the masses via social media sites.

He is one of the lucky actors who came in and just grabbed the whole attention on the screen, he has starred in several dram serials is film,  recently he also played lead role in Jawani Phir Ni Aani. Since, his acting in Pyare Afzal, Hamza Ali Abbasi became the household name.

In his ongoing short career he has gained much of the success as one can dream off. In his career he got various time hurdled in controversies, with some rumors of in close relation with several actresses.

But a video emerged on social media shows Hamza Ali Abbasi on the sets of Sanam Baloch’s morning show , where he revealed much about his marriage plans and future. Although, the video is of several months back, but unintentionally the video went unnoticed by the media-men.

The video unveils Hamza Ali Abbasi telling about a lady, without naming her that he has soft corner for her, but at the same time he mentioned that marriage is a big deal.

With his talks in the morning show with Sana Baloch it seems that he’s not in mood of marrying right now and is quite focused about his work and determinations.

The gesture of Hamza not marrying will be perceived by different people in different way but that will surely be painful for the contenders, who wants to marry with scintillating Hamza.

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