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Official Website of Punjab Food Authority is Down

(Last Updated On: 30/07/2015)

Punjab Food Authority (PFA) is government department and is adding their activities, due to which the they are getting public attention and their website is being visited largely and thus has exceeded its bandwidth limit.  Not only with PFA, but most of the government websites don’t have adequate infrastructure to handle the heavy traffic.

Here is the image of website page of PFA


In recent activity, PFA has conducted raids against more than a thousand food units in Punjab, inspected their cleanliness and food quality, took action against 500 restaurants and also issued notices to 284 food units to make their environment hygiene. It was directed to the DCOs of all 36 districts of Punjab to carry out such activity in their respective districts.


Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif announced that grades will be given to the food units all over the Punjab on the basis of their standard of security, cleanliness, quality of food and water. These grades will be displayed at the entrance of all restaurants so that the people may know the condition of food. This project is under progress with the association of PFA and CM’s Special Monitoring Unit -SMU.




Such type of activities have gained the public interest and the people are visiting the PFA site for getting information and thus its website has exceeded its limit.

Now it’s time for PFA to improve and streamline its online and also for all government departments. Better server should be first priority to show their efficiency and keep people aware of their activities. Also PFA should get a dynamic mobile friendly website having real-time status of grading of all restaurants, so that anybody before visiting the restaurant may check its status in real-time.

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