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Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid’s ‘Peacekeepers’ premiered at TIFF

(Last Updated On: 13/09/2015)

Millions of stars even after getting much of recognition wander to have something which can let them win the prestigious Oscar Award. But in very short time, the talented woman Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy became the first Pakistani bestowed with an Oscar. Her documentary ‘Saving Face’ in 2012 made her the source of inspiration for Pakistani woman and shattering all hitherto stereotyping sub-continent women.

Her latest documentary ‘A Journey of a Thousand Miles: Peacekeepers’ was premiered yesterday at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Sharmeen directed the film along with Indian filmmaker Geeta Gandbhir, who is twice winner of Emmy.

Sharmeen Obaid and Geeta Gandbhir
Sharmeen Obaid and Geeta Gandbhir

The film having premiere on September 11 was highly obliged by the audience, and will again be screened on September 13 and 20 to the attendees of TIFF.

A click from premiere of Peacekeepers at TIFF
A click from premiere of Peacekeepers at TIFF

As Sharmeen Obaid is full of ideas and portrays the hidden reality of the world. Her documentaries are worth watching as she directly hits the target without amalgamating the content. Her recent brought up ‘Peacekeepers’ is about the formation of first female Muslim peacekeeping unit, as 140 women from Bangladesh travels to Haiti to join the United Nations Stabilizing Mission.

The story is mainly about the courageous Muslim woman who travel long, leaving their families and houses to be a part of UN peacekeeping force.

The documentary works to thrash all the concepts about Muslim women and to tell that they can contribute for better world, indeed they are contributing. Directors of the documentary aim to convey that Muslim women are not less than any one and can do similarly as all other can do.

Sharmeen just in age of 36 has done something which takes hundred of years, with dozens of  documentaries, making Pakistan’s first feature-length animated film, accolades all around the world (most prominently Academy Award).

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