Pakistan Invites Google to Setup Office Locally

Pakistan has emerged as a ‘suitable’ IT market and the way they are moving on they will soon be the leaders of the world. The young IT innovators have contributed with their all vigor in the field and even the World acknowledges it.

In a meeting of formal delegation of Pakistan Government and Google representatives, the government officials invited Google to have their local presence in their country. And the response of ‘tech giant’ was overwhelming.

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Recently, Google is backing an online tech festival (Tech Mela) in Pakistan; Tech Mela is the first online shopping festival which is underway, started from Sept 11-20. The Google supported festival is embraced with exciting discount offers from the leading brands.


The high-level Google delegation supervised by Rajan Anandan visited Pakistan and  formally met with the government IT institutes and with the Governor Punjab. On this Pakistan Government also invited Google to have an official presence in Pakistan and also assured their complete support for holding it.

The official meeting took place at the office of MoIT, Minister of State for Information Technology and PTA Chairman Dr. Ismail Shah welcomed the Google delegation headed by Ranjan Anandan, the Vice President and managing director of Google for South Asia.

In the formal meeting both the delegations shared their views in expansion of IT and made assure to work alongside in terms to enhance IT in Pakistan.

On the occasion, Rajan Anandan also acknowledged Pakistan’s work in IT field and compared to the past he founds it more pleasing to build Google’s office in Pakistan.

Governor Punjab Rafique Rajwana also hosted a ceremony in honor of the Google delegation to widespread collaboration of Google with Punjab Government.


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