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Pakistani politicians and their luxurious cars

Leaders and politician are meant for leading the rest and when we are talking about their lifestyle and attitude, they owe something really what we can only dream off.

It’s never to discourage anyone but their standards seem to be unreachable, unless you are a successful politician.

The expensive car they own are just one side of their ‘greatness’, they are having much more than we can believe.

Here are the automobiles they own:

lam i

This Lamborghini Aventador was gifted by Ishaq Dar to his son. Yes are very own, Federal Finance Minister of Pakistan. This amazing gift also caused stir in media as this was depicted as Ishaq Dar’s ‘unwrapped wealth’.


Nawaz Sharif

Pakistan’s current Prime Minsiter Nawaz Sharif might not be much fond of these tremendous automobiles but he is someone with ‘classy’ style and he can’t compromise in that. Nawaz Sharif aka Tiger of Pakistan in this picture is seen posing alongside his silver sports car.


And here Mian Sahab is in his Land cruiser.



Ex-President Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari owns this Rolls Royce Phantom along with convoy of landcrusiers.



Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif is well known for his rapid availability between people in time of need. Here ‘Khadim-e-Aaala Punjab’ is spotted in Mercedes G-Class SUV.



Nabil Gabol is an automobile enthusiast; he has vast range of super cars, classical cars and heavy hunks. Here are some of them.


Thunderbird 1957
Thunderbird 1957


He recently bought Ferrari, it will neither be wrong to call him the one having best collection of cars in Pakistan.

Nabeel g

Mr Gabool has a lot more super vehicles and he is proud on showing them.


Ex Chief Minister Balochistan  Nawab Aslam Raisani is also fond of these super engines, he’s not only crazy about cars he also has some super bikes at his place.


Zulfiqar Mirza is in dispute with current Sindh government that means he is much powerful. He just not only posses several weapons he also has a vast convoy of Landcruisers and Hummer H2 is also in his cart.


Chairman PTI Imran Khan has some collection of the heavy Land cruiser Prado’s in different colors.

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