Pakistani Supermodel Ayyan Arrested For Money Laundering

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 17/03/2015)

Famous Pakistani supermodel Ayyan has been arrested today in the capital city Islamabad. She was found having 500,000 US Dollars in her luggage at Benazir International Airport. Money laundering case has been registered against her.

She was planning to board a private airline’s plane to travel from Islamabad to Dubai. During luggage checking, 500,000 US Dollars were found and she was arrested as such a huge amount is considered money laundering and it is strictly against the custom regulations.

After she was arrested by the law enforcement officials, she was transferred to District Headquarter Hospital where her medical examination was carried out. It is mandatory to medically examine ladies before they can be arrested.

She was interrogated after the medical examination but unfortunately Ayyan could not provide any reason that could make sense resulting money laundering case being registered against her.

Different media sources claim that supermodel will be transferred to Adiala Jail now that she has been arrested. It is really unusual situation and it seems that the money did not belong to Ayyan but she has been involved in taking this money to someone else in Dubai.

Rehman Malik’s brother Khalid Malik was also travelling from the same flight. The case has been registered under customs act. If found guilty Ayan could face 7-10 years sentence in jail. This is very disappointing as she is one of the very beautiful, talented and internationally recognized models of Pakistan. Not only her career can be ruined but due to international recognition, she could damage the image of Pakistan throughout the globe.


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