Pakistani Truck Art History and Pictures Poetry

In Pakistan art work on a truck offers few necessities. Some do it to attract the customers, while a few do it to maintain the truck. With the increase in trend of decorating the truck, the cost of designing it has been increased as well from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 40,000 in recent years. Some of the drivers think that majority of these prices are generally worth it. Few clients are the main reasons behind it, your truck is your property if you are not having a remarkable driver.

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Truck art work of Pakistan is pretty recognized in the United States. These vehicles are normally embellished, and restored with courses and colored in different areas. The Pakistani vehicles are restored and embellished among Rawalpindi and great path regarding vehicles active bus terminal in which attaches Peshawar as a result of Pindi along with Lahore. Aspects from the products, automobile body repair welders and carpenters are usually referred to as ‘Body makers’, this design concerning vehicles to timber systems finally colored and embroidered along with photographs, small attractive mirrors, dazzling reflectors, cosmetic gadgets and strings regarding sound. These kind of older vehicles are frequently restored again and again.khuzdar

Pakistani trucks are not simply decorated with few poetry lines and some artistic works, in fact, few bodymakers also portrait the pictures of cricketers, heroes and politicians.

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On the other hand, these truck can also be colored. The popularity of Pakistani trucks are also increasing in USA and Middle East. Even in some foreign museums, model of Pakistani trucks have been placed to promote the artistic work of Pakistan. Following are few poetry line and phrases that are usually found on the back of Paksitani trucks.

  1. Tu lang ja, saadi khair aay.
  2. Zid na kar, RANA aap bara ziddi aay.
  3. Pass ker ya bardasht ker.
  4. Sawari labby na labby, speed ek so nabby.
  5. Jinnay maa nu staya, onny truck chalaya.
  6. Chal pagli sajan ke dais.
  7. Lag gai tay rozi, na lagi tay roza.
  8. Fasla rakhen, nahi to pyar ho jayega.
  9. Teda kiya
  10. Haaran Do, Rasta Loo.

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