PIA Pilot’s Dance Video on Afghan Jalebi in Cockpit

Great People to Fly With and Best People – Fantastic Flight (با کمال لوگ – لاجواب پرواز), that are the slogans of the national carrier of Pakistan the Pakistan International Airline. Our best pilots are also familiar with the dancing styles and they even know how to dance even in the cockpit when it is time for to take-off. A pilot of the PIA amazed the nation on Wednesday by dancing over the Afghan Jalebi song of Phantom. The video has gone viral over the internet. People have to problem with such kind of videos, but they are concerned about doing that in the cockpit when the time for the flight was close.

Here is the video of PIA pilot who is dancing over the Afghan Jalebi song of Indian movie Phantom

PIA Pilot Dancing on Afghan Jalebi in Cockpit – SAMAA Reporting

According to details, one pilot from the three was in a great mood on Wednesday and he even bypassed the ethical values of his organisation. He turned the cockpit of Boeing 777’s into a dance club. One of his fellows kept him busy in recording the video and other who was sitting over his seat was also enjoying the environment. Where is Air Marshal Nur Khan who had made the national carrier the second best airline of the Asia and listed it in the list of top ten airlines in the world during his era?

PIA Pilot Dancing on Afghan Jalebi in Cockpit – Dunya News Reporting

Officials are getting heavy packages, perks and prerequisites but at the same time downing the reputation of the national airline. Sometimes they caught red-handed in the cases of smuggling and sometimes found drunken while operating the jets.

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