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Pilot dancing in aeroplane (Video) has taken internet by storm

(Last Updated On: 18/11/2015)

The anonymously revolving video has shocked the internet; the video has gone a lot viral as it is even shown on the TV screens by private media channels.

The video which has raised several eyebrows over the pilot’s activity while in the plane, as this shows his unprofessionalism. However, it is told that the video of dancing is before the aeroplane took off to its destination. Till now not any further update regarding this has emerged, however, it has compelled people to think about what was really so special for the pilot as he started dancing in the cockpit of the plane and what if he would have done this act while aeroplane in the air.

The media agencies are telling that this picture is of the Pakistan International Airways (PIA) and the person seen grooving on with happiness could be any PIA official, not specifically the pilot of the agency. The claim is made as the man in uniform is seen dancing in the cockpit of the aeroplane and it has equal probably that he might be the pilot or any other person from the staff.

The cockpit (where the official is seen dancing) is defined as a place or compartment for the pilot, and sometimes also the crew, in an aircraft. Following this definition, the anonymous man in uniform can be anyone from the staff of the airlines.

As it was reported that this video shows a PIA official dancing, the media agencies criticised openly towards the Pakistan International Airways employees and also highlighted some shameful incidents of PIA from the past.



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