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PTCL SmartLink App – Your Landline Number is Mobile Now

(Last Updated On: 25/03/2015)

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has introduced the first time the features of Landline in Mobiles. It is an app named ‘SmartLink’ that enables the users to deal with their landline numbers right from their Android phones.

By using SmartLink, subscribers can make and receive their landline calls from their mobiles. In addition to making voice calls to landline and mobile, it provides the services of instant messaging and video telecommunication to other SmartLink users free of cost.

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App has no subscription and monthly hidden charges. Incoming calls are free and outgoing call will be charged as per as per normal landline tariff. SmartLink is full of entertainment also – watch 150 PTCL Smart TV channels on your mobile. Know about the schedule and flight reports of PIA with just one click.

SmartLink is currently available in 41 cities for all those customers who are subscribers of PTCL Broadband-DSL connections. Cities includes: 23 cities of Punjab; 9 cities of Sindh, 8 cities of Khayber Pakhtoonkhwa; and 1 of Balochistan.

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Activation process is very simple.

  1. Download and install the application on your Android handset. Download SmartLink App
  2. Open the app and click the registration button.
  3. Provides the form details containing: Name, CNIC, PSTN #, Account ID, Email and Cell Number.
  4. Application would be registered instantly after matching of credentials with PTCL details.

Adnan Shahid, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) PTCL said, “PTCL landline is the pioneer voice telephony service in Pakistan and we are proud to extend the same high-quality calling experience to our loyal users on mobile phones.”

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Receive every call coming on your landline number if you are out of your house.

“It’s your Landline number – Jaib kay ander” by PTCL

Screenshots of SmartLink:



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