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PTI Tigers copied the logo of Leicester Tigers Rugby team

(Last Updated On: 24/07/2015)

Leicester Tigers is officially known as Leicester Rugby Club and it is an English Rugby club situated in Leicester England. League Rugby was introduced back in 1987 and this club has been the most successful club in the league till present.
PTI Tigers on the other hands is an unofficial supporting group of PTI chief Imran Khan comprised of youth from all over Pakistan. Their Facebook page has more than 72,000 people following and their website is not very popular at the moment in Pakistan but slowly and gradually it is making its place in internet sphere. The reason is that they have a huge collection of Imran Khan speeches in different public gatherings and almost all PTI related songs are present there. Moreover PTI policies and various party affair updates are communicated via their blog articles.
Now the logo of PTI Tigers (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) is ditto copy of Leicester Tigers rugby team with only a minor change i.e. instead of Leicester, the word PTI has been inserted before the word Tigers. We already know by looking at the history of the club that it came into being much before PTI so it is quite clear that PTI Tigers are the ones who copied the logo.
Since it is Pakistan, most of us wouldn’t care about this issue but if this was the case in any foreign country, no one could have done this without taking a risk of being sued heavily. Pakistan is one of those countries where you can copy whatever you want and no proper credit is necessary.
It is a real pity that developers of PTI Tigers could launch a whole website but could not make a genuine logo for the website. This is how cheaply a logo is considered in Pakistan whereas logo is one of the most important beginning steps in advanced countries. Without the final copy of logo approved, most websites wouldn’t even think of starting a project. PTI Tigers management should take the logo seriously and remove the copied logo and put their own professional logo on their website.

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