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Punjab govt triggers Khidmat Card scheme for special persons

(Last Updated On: 29/12/2015)

LAHORE: The Punjab government has initiated on Tuesday the Khidmat Card Program with the promise to disburse at least two billion rupees for financial support to special persons.

The program will offer 3600 rupees to special persons after every three months, while two hundred thousand citizens will be getting benefits from the program.

On the occasion of its launch ceremony in Lahore on Tuesday, the chief minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif said that special persons from the whole province would be getting benefits from the program. Clarifying the objective of the program, the CM said it aims to empower the special persons financially as they have rights to access to equal rights in the country.

Shahbaz Sharif said that the scheme will be monitored at every phase and level to ensure that right person is receiving the offer and that transparency will also be implemented on the program.

Meanwhile, during at the end of the ceremony, the CM also distributed Khidmat Cards among the special persons who participated in the launch ceremony.

As far other cities of the Punjab are concerned, three facilitation centres for the differently-abled have been established in Rojhan, Jampur, and Rajanpur tehsils to distribute Khidmat Carts to differently-abled. Further, as said the DCO, the recipients would also be provided a pick-and-drop to ensure that they can get the cards without any hassle.

In order to claim under the said program, a registration form can be downloaded from pkcp.punjab.gov.pk. After submitting the form, you can simply enter your CNIC into the provided bar to view your form or download it.

Earlier, the Punjab government introduced number of schemes to financially support the impaired as well as the downtrodden of the province. Such program is a part of the current government’s agenda to help the citizen to the maximum limit.

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