Qandeel Baloch Marriage Proposal to Imran Khan

Written by Ahmad A.R
(Last Updated On: 05/11/2015)

Just after the divorce of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan and Reham Khan, many girls come into field with the dream of marrying with Imran Khan. The first proposal comes from Qandeel Baloch side who is considered as the social media bug. Yesterday, the actress and model, now restricted to dubmash videos only, started to talk about her marriage. The social media girl first post, “Konn banygaaaaa Qandeel ka dulhaaa……..?”

Konn banygaaaaa Qandeel ka dulhaaaa…?? ????????

Posted by Qandeel Baloch Official on Sunday, 1 November 2015

The followers of Qandeel Baloch then rush towards every type of comment. Most of the commenter directly say they will be fool if they go for the Qandeel Baloch as their soul mate.
The discussion was not ended there. Then came the real proposal for Imran Khan. That’s time it was an open proposal by the QB for IK and that was: “Will you marry me Imran Khan?” The funniest comment over this proposal was: “Breaking News: Imran Khan has decided to shift from Bani Gala to Mars after this proposal. He said he is better off with aliens than this creature…wish him best of locj. Die bitch die will u marry with me ki bachi Englsih to sahe bol.”1

Will you marry me Imran khan….???

Posted by Qandeel Baloch Official on Sunday, 1 November 2015

After getting lot of comments over this dream, QM then moved for another post. This time the proposal was via a song, “Dil hay k manta nhi….Dedicated to Imran Khan.”

Dil hay k manta nhi…Dedicated to Imran khan…❤️

Posted by Qandeel Baloch Official on Sunday, 1 November 20152

Then QB moved for a special request. She said no problem if Reham Khan has left you. There are many lover of yours in Pakistan and I am one of them. I really like you and wanna marry you. Will you marry me. And then there was a very polite request…………please!

Qandeel Baloch Marriage Proposal to Imran Khan – Dil hay k manta nhi

Qandeel Baloch Marriage Proposal to Imran Khan – Bahut Piyar Kertay Hain Tum Ko Sanam

Qandeel Baloch is not the in the list of candidates who want to marry Imran Khan. In fact, many offers have been received by renowned national and international celebrities. Especially the Meera was one who tried a lot to get in touch with Imran Khan. Either it was serious proposal by Meera or just to get media attention as usually is better knwon by Meera or God. But after the marriage of Imran Khan with Reham Khan, Meera never let down the hope and reminded many a time to Khan Sahb that her proposal for marriage is still open.

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