Qmobile Copied TV Commercial of Lenovo

(Last Updated On: 10/05/2015)

Q Mobile is the largest selling brand dealing with smart phone and other electronic devices in Pakistan.It is a private corporation founded by Mr.Ibrahim Zahid in 2009. Qmobile recently launched its new mobile phone known as Qmobile E750.Some significant features of that cell phone are:

It is an Ultra slim phone having a metallic body and extensive entertainment properties like apps, Google, Facebook, Opera mini and many more. It comprises of a small camera which can make high-quality video recordings. This cell phone has 2.6 Inch HD LCD.


Qmobile like many other brands uses to present their new products through TV Commercials. But it is noticed that Qmobile copied the TV commercial of Lenovo which is Chinese Multinational company having its headquarters in different countries. Lenovo was established in 1984 by Liu Chuanzhi. Every brand enjoys its own market worth. People appreciate different apps and features in discrete devices. As it is computerized era various classified and unclassified apps are prepared and then market by different mobile companies. These apps have made the life of humans so easy, interesting and fast.

In this era where everything is computerized and commercial latest techniques are utilized to market the stuff in order to get more, likes, fans, and tips within no time, so in social world number of fans is the basic asset of every brand. Various brands seek to increase their fans and family by providing better services with ever increasing demand. Hence, products are marketed through print and electronic media. Every brand makes their own adds in order to present and market their new and other relevant products and services but out of all some brand holders use to be very conscious about their quality and integrity and they spend time, money and energy for this while other just simply copy or edit the stuff of others.On a small scale such matter is not worthy but on a commercial scale when millions of people watching the ads on a daily basis then it’s quite easy and general to compare the matching stuff or to detect the cheating in different brands. One can watch and can compare the mobile ads of both brands. It is fairly vivid that the Qmobile copied the mobile commercial of Lenovo which is not an appreciated act.

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