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Reham Khan planned to takeover party after poisoning Imran Khan, claims Arif Nizami

(Last Updated On: 30/10/2015)

Imran Khan and Reham Khan’s marriage is at “Point of no return”, claimed veteran journalist Arif Nizami in previous month, during his renowned TV show DNA. Although, he was bashed by PTI lovers on social media and was asked for apology after Imran-Reham denied the rumors strictly.

But today it’s all flattened as Imran-Reham, both have made confirmation about the divorce and they claimed that the divorce took place with their mutual consent. And with this news up, Arif Nizami who was earlier being abused on Twitter, today became hero, as his another prediction regarding the couple became true.

After, the month when he disclosed about PTI chairman divorce, in the very next episode of his political show he said that “I wish I am wrong this time”. The proficient analyst said these words about Imran-Reham relation, which unfortunately ended today on 30th October.

It is not the very first time when Arif Nizami has made some accurate guess regarding Imran Khan and Reham Khan, earlier about the marriage of both of them he claimed quite a lot days before they disclosed themselves. Not to forget, his , these claims were also termed absurd at that time but time proved how validate and accurate the prominent analyst was.

Arif Nizami reveals another

Up the latest, Arif Nizami has claimed that Imran Khan’s former wife, Reham Khan was planning to poison Imran Khan and to took over the party as the relation between both of them worst. He told that, saying that last 40 hours of Imran-Reham were much more crucial for the couple, before the divorce was disclosed.


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