Student hacked University of Sargodha Website as protest

The student who looks quite disturbed with the system of University of Sargodha, hacked the site of the university as a protest and shared his message. The Hacker-Student looks to be the student of the same university, it seems that he’s quite fierce towards the educational system of the institute, hurled severe allegations on the staff member.

Although, students message has a lot of ambiguity in it. The student seems reluctant while introducing himself but gave some indications regarding him. He wrote that he tried Facebook , Emails and other mediums to transfer what he felt wrong but his voice was immediately muted by blocking him from these paths.

The estranged student tried to grab full attention, hacked official site and directly conveyed his message to “V.C and HOD of CS & IT”. The boy alleged nepotism and favoritism in the university, also directly revealed professors identities and alleged that they are not compatible for teaching CS students as they can’t even do Windows.

The guy also named a professor to whom he alleged of granting 4GPA to the students, who are even not present in the class. The boy mentioned several flaws in the educational systems and urged fully fledged and compatible teachers for the CS & IT students.

He also called up for new teaching methods from the professors as he called their current techniques


UOS Official website hacked for good causeJust noticed that you can’t read unless you watch in HD#UOSWebsiteHacked #HackedForChange #HackedForGood

Posted by Dengue Machar on Thursday, 15 October 2015

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