PTI New Song by Shahnawaz– Mat Takrana Junoon Se

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 15/10/2015)

Saying this will be not wrong that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was the first party that deadly involve the culture of party song and signing concerts in politics of Pakistan. In past, many parties used to record their official party songs but this segment is taken on the peak by PTI. Having party song is a usual matter now. The matter is now reached up to official DJ.

Almost all party songs of PTI, either by DJ Butt, Abrar ul Haq, Attaullah Khan or Rahat Fateh Ali Khan are all time thriller politics party songs. But now the time is to hear the new track of the PTI by Shahnawaz titled as Mat Takrana Junoon Se.

First checkout the thrilling and mind-blowing lyrics of the track.

Lyrics of Mat Takrana Junoon Se

Dekha Hai Kabhi K Junoo’n Kya Cheez Hai…
Badal Day Jo Taqdeer Ko,
Qaum Ki Shamsheer Hai…
Junoo’n Taleem Ka,
Taraqi-o-Insaf Ka,’
Junoo’n Sachai Ka,
Aur Nizam Shafaf Ka,
Har Koi, Hai Qayail,
Kaptaan K Ausaaf Ka,
Junoo’n Hai Jis Ko,
Har Zulm Se Ikhtilaf Ka…

Mat Takrana Junoon Se Ab!!
Himmat Hai to Rok Lo Sab..!!
Naya Pakistan Banay Ga,
Aur Agay Barhay Ga…
Bachay, Burhhay, Jawaan,
Ho Jatay Hain… Yak’Jaan!
Qaum Pay Jab Bhi Parri,
Hai Koi Mushkil Karri,
Waqt Nay Ek Bar Phir,
Manga Hai Jazba Wohi,
Mushkilon Se Nikaal K,
Watan Ko Lay Jain Sabhi,
Bulandiyan Taqdeer Hain Is Mulk K Awam Ki,
Sab Tor Dain Jo Zanjeer Hai Farsooda Nizaam Ki….

Mat Takrana Junoon Se Ab!!
Himmat Hai to Rok Lo Sab..!!
Naya Pakistan Banay Ga,
Aur Agay Barhay Ga…
Alfaz-o-Maani Mein Tafawat Nahin Lekin…
Mullah Ki Azan Aur, Mujahid Ki Azan Aur…
Parwaz Hai Dono Ki Issi Aik Faza Mein,
Kargas Ka Jahan Aur Hai, Shaheen Ka Jahan Aur….

Mat Takrana Junoon Se Ab!!
Himmat Hai to Rok Lo Sab..!!
Naya Pakistan Banay Ga,
Aur Agay Barhay Ga…!!!

Here is the song (video)

Commenting over his recent song Mat Takrana Junoon Se, Shahnawaz said:

The Song is my contribution to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. When a true leader or party emerges for betterment of a nation, it’s ultimate responsibility of each segment of the society to support that cause in their own capacities, and in general. Being performing arts savvy, I feel MUSIC can play a vital role in motivating masses in favor of a cause. That’s why I thought to contribute to Tehreek by gifting my creativity through a motivational PTI song. The song is written, composed and sang by me (Shahnawaz), purely in love of PTI. It is the result of my hard work on several sleepless nights. So I guess it deserves to be listened by your ears.

About the Singer Shahnawaz:

Shahnawaz is a professional singer who loves soft rock, rap and ghazal. He is active in music field since his school time. Ek Tere Rooth Janay Say was the first track of his professional career that was air in 2011 on various Radio channels including Radio Pakistan, UAE, India, USA and UK. The second song of Shahnawaz was Pak Fauj that was also lauded by the people.736733_316107161841848_497326291_o

Ek Tere Rooth Janay Say by Shahnawaz (video)

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