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Telenor Pakistan soon to launch Startup Incubation in the country

(Last Updated On: 04/12/2015)

Telenor Pakistan, which is the cellular provider company with having largest number of internet user, looks quite keen on focusing the IT solutions and business section of Pakistan. The Norwegian based company has been playing pivotal role in providing the chance to young entrepreneur of Pakistan and tech enthusiasts.

Recently, they pull of the initiative of Telenor Youth Forum 2015 , which intends to provide young Pakistanis to get access to the international audiences. Telenor Pakistan asked for someone with extraordinary digital capabilities to represent Pakistan in Oslo during Nobel Peace Prize Week in December.


And up the latest, ProPakistani.pk reported that Telenor Pakistan is all set to launch its incubation services for Pakistani startups. And the most salient feature of this initiative is that the startups while learning under Telenor will be made access to the Telenor’s support services, distribution channels and other business functions, which they might require while building their projects.

It seems that the step will  be beneficial for the startups as it will facilitates the young one in a practical manner and the resources present will be of world-class standard .


Here it is also told that, Telenor will make partnership with incubators and will access various tools  and services by which the startups can get more stabilize in the Pakistani markets.

Propakistani.pk in talk with Deputy CEO of Telenor Pakistan Irfan Wahab Khan told that Telenor Pakistan is all set to play a positive hand for the startups out in Pakistan.

Deputy CEO of Telenor Pakistan was further quoted saying: “In addition to giving these startups an access to our assets, such as distribution channels, retail network, Telenor Pakistan has bundled a tool-kit with payment, location and other similar APIs, that will be made available to these selected startups,”

“Selected startups will be able capitalize Telenor’s experience in preparing their products and leverage the reach and access of Telenor’s assets with over 220,000 retail outlets, over 1,000 exclusive service centers and franchises, variety of payment solutions and big-data analytical tools that are exclusively available with Telenor Pakistan only,” he further added.

More updates to come!

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