The 5 Best motorcycles in Pakistan

The motorcycle industry of Pakistan is considered as one of the active and growing filed in Pakistan. However, the automotive industry of Pakistan has not made a prominent figure in the list of top automobile industries but still the country is meeting its domestic demand of motorcycles and bikes. Below is the list of top five best motorcycles in Pakistan.

  1. Atlas Honda CG125:


First in the list is Atlas Honda CG125 commonly known as Honda 125. It is a commuter motorcycle that was made by Honda Auto Company of Japan. For its quality, performance, speed, economy petrol and re-sale value it is considered as the one of the most popular motorcycle in Pakistan.

  1. Honda CD 70:


Next it is Honda CD 70. In range of CD 70, it is the first choice of most of the bike riders. made with latest technology and charismatic design it is one of the best motorcycles in Pakistan. CD 70 is an ideal combination of attractive design with super eco-power and smoke-free 4-stroke engine.

  1. Yamaha YD 100:


Yamaha YD 100 commonly known as Yamaha Junoon is the next most popular and best motorcycle in Pakistan. This light-weight motorcycle is manufactured by the Dawood Yamaha Ltd of Pakistan. It is a very popular learner motorcycle in Pakistan.

  1. Crown CRLF 70 CC Euro II:


Crown CRLF 70 CC Euro II is the product of Crown Lifan that is known for making autos, motorcycles & CNG rickshaw spare parts in Pakistan. CRLF 70 Euro II is a 4-stroke, air cooled, single cylinder, and OHV motorcycle. It is among the highest selling 70 CC motorcycles in Pakistan.

  1. Yamaha YBR125:


Yamaha YBR125 is the recently launched product of original Japanese motorcycle company Yamaha. Yamaha Brilliant Rider(YBR125) has gain popularity since its day of launching in Pakistan. The product is at number two in 125 CC category after Atlas Honda CG125.


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