Top 5 Green Cities of Pakistan

Every city and town of Pakistan is famous for something. Although the cleaning and sewerage system in most of the cities of Pakistan but still following are the top five green cities of Pakistan.

  1. Lahore:


First green city in the list is Lahore. Lahore is a city that gets major heedfulness by the authorities; be it city development or green spaces. Lahore always remained at top as compared to other cities of Punjab. Parks and Horticulture (PHA) endeavors quite well in making the city look greener and beautiful.

  1. Islamabad:


Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan and house of mountains and lush greenery, is the next most beautiful green city in Pakistan. However, the unplanned construction and rapid commercialization in the city is threatening to its aesthetic value.

  1. Rawalpindi:


Thanks to PHA Rawalpindi that is working day and night for the beauty of Rawalpindi. The healthier development in the city are increasing with the passage of time. The beauty of city was compromised for a temporary period during construction of Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro.

  1. Abbottabad:


Abbottabad is the next most popular green city in Pakistan. It is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan and famous for its greenery and nice weather. A most popular book Last Goodbye has mentioned the hill station of Abbottabad as one of the most beautiful hill station of the sub-continent.

  1. Karachi:


Karachi, the financial hum and old capital of Pakistan, is the next best green city of the Pakistan. Karachi is also the biggest city of Pakistan. After a long time terrorism, the peace of city is restoring gradually and the light came back once again.

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