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The Pakistani Designers And Their Red Carpet Visions

(Last Updated On: 24/05/2015)

The red carpets are the place where celebs get clicked from every angle. They are then commented and observed on social media sites and catalogs. They are listed a best styled, best dressed, best makeup or sometimes as worst as well. The red carpet debate continuous long after the event itself ends and many designers, brands and celebs get recognition from their looks on the red carpet and how they looked to the camera. With increasing number of events the excitement quotient has decreased as well as designers have become careful as well. Now they do not dress up every body infect they have very unique visions about who they want to dress up and how should the celeb wearing their cloths must be perceived. Here is a look at the designers, celebs behind celebs and their thoughts.


She dressed very few celebs like Sanam Saeed, Ayesha Khan, Anoushey Ashraf and Ayesha Omar.  For her

“The ShehlaChatoor woman is one who’s able to merge her personal style and confidence with the atelier’s looks. I’m very selective as to who I dress up. For me it’s very important that the individual relates to my brand and is a true ambassador of sophistication, elegance and glamour.” 


Nida Azwer:

Well who does not know her but her designs are not appearing as often on the red carpets as they were used to be in the past. She says:

“We love how Maha Burney and Faiza Lakhani wear our brand locally and how SharmeenObaidChinoy showcased our brand at red carpet events abroad. It is important to have the right balance. For us, we always maintain that it’s better to be more unstated rather than over exposed. We are very careful as to who we dress and when.”

Sana Safinaz:

Recently they launched their biggest retail store in Lahore, Defense. They have their own take on red carpet fashion:

“Being a premium brand, we are picky about who we dress because one must choose women that can not only carry off the look but also do justice representing the brand.”


Well the muse’s muse is not just any woman but as follows:

“The red carpet represents high fashion, personal style and beauty. I feel red carpet stars need better stylists, more awareness and should not wear anything and everything handed out by designers. For me, the woman who wears Muse has to be sophisticated, stylish and alluring – otherwise I’m not interested in dressing them.”

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