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Sana Safinaz Launches their 2nd Retail Store In Lahore Defense

Written by Tammy
(Last Updated On: 24/05/2015)

“We already had a store in Lahore but Defense is a huge market and people, who live there, want to shop within their vicinity. We are tapping into the market by opening a store in this part of the city and making [shopping] convenient for our customers,” Sana-Safinaz-Gear-To-Launch-Retail-Outlet-In-Karachi

Safinaz Muneer who is the co-owner of Sana Safinaz Told “The Express Tribune” at the launch of their new retail in Lahore. The brand is co-owned by Sana Hashwani and they have been making a name across the country together for more than twenty-five years now. The new retail is the largest store of the company in Z block Defense and it was launched on May 14th. The store has a majestic four-story building. The top floor is conserve for offices only. The interior of the building is done completely by them

IMG_5014“We do all our interiors ourselves, especially because we have a furniture design house as well,” they commented.

The Defense area of the Lahore is rich in potential customers and it harbors people from every class.

“This new store is, in fact, a result of popular demand for more brand accessibility in this area, It ensures that our fashion is now available to a wider set of people, thereby making us a major retail force that creates and reaches out to a wider demographic,” The Brand Safinaz said in their press release.

Sana Safinaz Lahore outlet

The Launch of the store was combined with the launch of their Muzlin range which contains beautiful two pieces, kurtas and dupatas.  The price range is from 25oo rupees to 2900 Pak rupees in Sana Safinaz Lahore outlet.

At the event singer Zoe viccaji also performed. It is to remind that Zoe viccaji is also the brand ambassador for the brand Sana Safinaz. The brand has a very unique vision about that. They have uploaded the performance on their website and it was available live as well. They have dedicated an entire section for the purpose named Acoustics. The brand commented:

“We want to prove that a fashion house merging with a musician can create beautiful things.”



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