Top 10 Worst Inventions of All Time Ever

metal-cage1. Anti-Eating Face Mask

Anti-Eating Face Mask Not more declining diet programs! Only band this steel cage to your head and stuffing your face with biscuits might be not possible. Breathing and talking can be tough also however a little price to pay for a trimmer waistline. As a reward, the item increases because the face mask for a Hannibal Lector costume. While trademarked in 1982 this product never actually became popular, possibly as there only aren’t enough sadomasochists in the world nowadays.

 baby cage2. Baby Cage

What should you do once your child needs a lot of clean air however you can’t walk out of the house? Put your baby inside a cage shoddily attached with a wide open home window obviously. Trademarked in the United States in 1922 and well-known in 1930’s London, the child cage was designed for city people whose children weren’t receiving sufficient clean air, sunlight and fractured skulls.

Spray-On Hair

3- Spray-On Hair

Middle-of-the-night advertisements get suggested hair in a can for many years, making a claim by using a fast spray each hairless places and several years go away. Practicing, but, the dark dirt is just slightly much better than colouring your head with a Sharpie marker. And unless you’ve had a fume hood with 360 degrees of plastic material to the floor, your bathrooms may be like the soot-covered body of an 18th Century chimney attract.

The Firebox

4- The Firebox

Believe pushing the flames alarm is a enjoyable joke? Not really after this 1938 device, which contains your hand before the law enforcement appear, is involved. Although the creation can prevent the naughty youngster, furthermore, it kills the brave guy who’s pulling the dang thing cause there’s an actual high inferno. Talk about having one for the team!

The Ford Pinto

5- The Ford Pinto

The Ford Pinto Made by Ford from 1971 to 1980 this subcompact vehicle provided quality relaxation and sufficient efficiency at a affordable cost. There were only one caution: if rear-ended the vehicle might increase into fire. Because a remember to strengthen the rear might price $121 million and the possible payment to sufferers was approximated at $50 million, Ford made a decision to go out of the fiery fuel issue alone and also allow their clients burn off.

Agent Orange
6- Agent Orange

An herbicide utilized by the U.S. through the Vietnam Battle, Agent Orange was made to burn from the heavy forest cover to be able to place enemy soldiers below. Although the composite provided its expected objective, scientists forgot to understand that people contact with the chemical resulted in a lot of dangerous health problems such as cancer and childbirth problems. Hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese people and a few of our own soldiers were suffering from this main medical oops.


7- Subprime Mortgage

When interests rates decreased in 2004 banks began providing these extremely high-risk financial loans to individuals with less-than-stellar credit backgrounds. When these types of property owners in serious arrears on their repayments, the effect became a wave of property foreclosures which delivered our economy into the most terrible economic decline since The Great Depression. Cause the bread lines!


8- Clippy

This kind of dynamic digital document clip arrived pre-installed in Microsoft Office bundles from 1997-2003. While created to be a useful office assistant, Clippy verified each uncomfortable and also assumptive, appearing unprompted with statements like “Hey! It looks like you’re writing a letter!” The irksome character came ire from customers and was finally given the pink slip, but not before being parodied on “The Simpsons”, “Family Guy”, and “Drawn Together”, to name a few.


9- AutoTune

Although this digital pitch-correction formula may be used tastefully, it almost never is, resulting in tracks where the real performing has been sliced, mixed and refined nearly completely out of the song. C-3PO, WALL-E and Rosie from “The Jetsons” may as well sing today’s pop, rap and hip hop because the real sounds of artists like T-Pain, Ke$ha and Kanye are nearly not possible to choose of any provided tune. The Parachute Jacket

10-The Parachute Jacket

German inventor Franz Reichelt was so self-confident in his 1912 parachute jacket that he jumped off the Eiffel Tower to test and check it out. His hubris was unluckily unfounded and he fell to this death in front of an audience of horrified onlookers. Franz Reichelt had placed several cameras to capture the potentially incredible but eventually deadly feat, making him the 1st of many idiots-think Jackass-to film himself performing something extremely dumb

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