Top 20 richest man in the Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 21/06/2015)

In the history of Pakistan, there are most dominant and strong business parties are making their names of most powerful industrialists for 60 years of their efforts and hard work. It is not an easy task to list them, by their power and popularity. Below mentioned list contains the most richest persons of Pakistan:

  1. Mian Muhammad Mansha

He is the Chairman and CEO of MCB Banks of Pakistan, Nishat Group of industries of Pakistan, He is the number one richest person of the Pakistan having the of USD 2.5 Billion. In 1970, he was the 15th richest of the country, while fighting for the best and least, he became number six in 1990. He attained the top position among richest person of the country In 1997. He is the owner of around 40 companies including all types of business.

  1. Asif Ali Zardari

The second most richest person of the country. He was the son of businessman of old times, who got married with the most famous women of the world and former Prime minister of Pakistan ” Benazir Bhutto”. After marrying her, he became the richest person of the country and in list of those, came second in the list. He took full advantage of his richest wife and used her authorities, he purchased 32 Mirage Jets from the French company naming Dassault. His ranking in the richest is number two having USD 1.8 billion.

  1. Sir Anwar Pervaiz

He is the third in the ranking of richest persons of Pakistan having USD 1.5 Billion to his name. He is the CEO of Bestway Group. He started The Bestway Group in 1976 with its first Bestway cash and opened warehouse in London. Bestway Group entered in Pakistan in 1995, in the huge cement business and set up cement manufacturing plant in Pakistan at a cost of USD 120 million.

  1. Nawaz Sharif

In this list, He is on the fourth position having worth of USD 1.4 billion. He is the former and current Prime minister of Pakistan, Before becoming Prime minister, he was a major share holder along with his brother and cousins of Ittefaq Group, He was having assets well in excess of £50m in 1990. However, he got richer when he took commissions from foreign companies for construction in Pakistan.

  1. Saddaruddin Hashwani

He is the fifth richest person of Pakistan having worth of USD 1.1 billion. He is the CEO of Hashoo group, he is popular due to his Chain of hotel in Pakistan, He has a real estate business as well. He is the coton trader, grain and steel trader of Pakistan. He was famous as a cotton King of Pakistan in 1974, when he was the exporter of Pakistan on top of their list.

      6. Nasir Schon

He is the sixth richest person of Pakistan having worth of USD 1 billion. He is the CEO of Schon Group and most dominant businessman of Pkaistan. His father was a pilot in PIA, naming Captain Ather Schon Hussain. He is one of the urdu muhajir families in Pakistan. In 1982, he Started in Singapore, the peak of Schon group was in 1995 when they owned National Fibres, Schon Bank, Schon Textiles and Pak-China Fertizilers.

  1. Abdul Razzaq Yakoub

The 7th richest Pakistani having worth of USD 1 billion. He is a popular businessman of Pakistan settled in Dubai. Having turnover of USD 1.5 billion, he is the Chairman Of ARY group. and World Memom Organization. He is controlling 7 channels and biggest media owner of the country. He has huge property assets in Karachi, Islamabad and Dubai, having worth of over USD 0.2 billion.

  1. Rafiq Habib

The 8th richest of Pakistani having worth of USD 0.9 billion. His industrial group was founded by Seth Habib Mitha, born in 1878 to Esmail Ali-a factory owner in Bombay. The financial strength of the Habibs can be gauged from the fact that Muhammad Ali Habib gave a cheque of Rs 80 million to Quaid-e-Azam in 1948 at a time when Pakistan government was penniless owing to delay in transfer share of Pakistan of Rs. 750 million by the Reserve Bank of India.

  1. Tariq Saigol

He is the 9th richest of the list, having worth of USD 0.85 billion. He is from Jehlum. In 1890, Amin Saigol started with a shoe shop and transferred it into Kohinoor Rubber Works. They purchased the United Bank in 1959.

  1. Dewan Yousaf Farooqui

He is the 10th richest Pakistani having worth of USD 0.8 billion. Dewan Mushtaq Group is one of the largest Pakistani industrial composite in sectors like polyester acrylic fiber, manufacturing and automotives. Dewan Farooqui Motors manufactures about 10,000 cars annually under technical license agreement with Hyundai and Kia Motors of Korea.

  1. Sultan Ali Lakhani

He is 11th richest Pakistani having worth of USD 0.8 billion. He is the owner of the chain of McDonald restaurants in Pakistan. They are having bad times by the hands of NAB now a days.

  1. Malik Riaz Hussain

He is on 12th position in the list of richest Pakistani having worth of USD 0.8 billion. He has the mega project of developing state-of-the-art schemes in Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi/Islamabad. His land-holdings both within and outside Pakistan amounts to nearly a billion dollar. He is the man behind the Bahria Town.

  1. Sheikh Abid Hussain

He is the 13th richest Pakistani having worth of USD 0.78 billion. He is one of the most powerful builders in the country owning vast stretches of land in major cities and has constructed residential schemes under the brand name of Green Fort.

  1. Mian Mohammad Latif

He is 14th in the list having worth of USD 0.7 billion. He is the founder of Chenab Group, it was founded in 1975. Its first fashion outlet is Chen One. Chen One has seven outlets throughout Pakistan. Chenab group is licensed from the Swedish Texcote Technology in the manufacturing and sale of textile materials, garments and textile house-hold goods.

  1. Haji Abdul Ghafoor

He is 15th in the list having worth of USD 0.66 billion. He is the owner of Sitara Group and it was founded in 956. It is now textile cloth finishing and processing, textile spinning and in power generation.

  1. Sheikhani Family

16th in the list having worth of USD 0.6 billion. They are one of the most famous land developers in the country. The Sheikhani is not a very big industrial establishment by any means, are being led by Abu Bakar Sheikhani. The Sheikhanis are famous for their construction and land development-related tasks.

  1. Razzaq Dawood

He is 17th in the list having worth of USD 0.5 billion. He is currently leading one of the biggest construction and engineering corporation of Pakistan, known as Dawood group/Descon group. His group has won many contracts in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Iraq and employs over 1,000 people.

  1. Byram Dinshawji Avari

He is 18th of the list having worth of USD 0.5 billion. Byram Dinshawji Avari is a dominant Pakistani in Karachi. With his sons Dinshaw and Xerxes and their direct families, he owns and operates the Avari Group of companies, he is the chairman of this group. Hotel management is the main business, i.e. Avari Group.

  1. Rafiq Rangoonwala

19th in the list having worth of USD 0.48 billion. He is the Chief Executive Officer Cupola Group of Companies. In 1980, he started his career in Fast Food restaurants from KFC in Houston. Since then he has managed several other brands as KFC like Pizza Hut, Pizza Express etc.

  1. Shimmy Querishi

He is the last of the list having worth of USD 0.48 billion. He seems to be a model of successful enterprise. His business interests are mainly property, which with the boom and his holidings has took his wealth to a new level.

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    Women right Activists must ponder over!!

    There must be some special reserved seats for women in this list 🙂

    Wife of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) Hazrat Khadija was the richest lady of Arab World at that time..
    She spent all her wealth for the propagation of Islam.
    This Shows the role of Women in Islam.

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