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Travly Launches Rickshaw Services for Lahore – Can be a Pakistani Uber?

(Last Updated On: 13/10/2015)

If you have heard about Uber then it will be easy for you to understand about Travly. If not, then now problem. Travly is actually a rickshaw booking application that will allows the travelers to request for a trip by using the app of Travly. Before going for the further introduction of Travly, it is worth to mention here that currently it is offering its rickshaw booking services for Lahoris only.

Travly is such type of service where the users via the help of an Android application will insert their current destination and the destination where they want to go and will get the route. After that the Travly Tuk Tuk rickshaw will be there to pick up the passenger to its desired location. If interested about how Travly will work? The answer is very simple. When the traveler will submit a request for trip, the Travly servers will automatically find out the nearest bus and rickshaw stations and then will send back the detail to the traveler and send the rickshaw or bus (bus services to launch in future).1 (2)

The other best feature of Travly is that it will also display on the users’ smartphones the nearest bus stops from their current location. The services of Travly is not restricted to rickshaw only. Travly is planning to introduce the booking of buses for trips, logistic solutions and cabs booking in future as well.

At the launching ceremony in Lahore, Travly has initially started its rickshaw services for DHA Phase I, II, II, IV and Sui Gas Society. Bus services of Travly is coming soon and at first phase it will be available for Lahore, Karachi, Pattoki, Sheikhupura, Kamonki, and Kasur.2

Travly is the project of the six final year students of the Beaconhouse National University, Lahore. They launched their project at the Pal9 in 2013 that is one of the largest tech incubator in Pakistan. It gained the 4th position in 1800 teams. To make this service best and applicable in real term, the team of Travly visited the 1,100 bus stops and 30 different bus routes.

Talking at the launching ceremony, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Travly, Shahmir Khan said, “Back in 2013 we came to Plan9 with just an idea: a simple app named 302 Bus Tracking. All it did was that it showed arrival times and route information of buses at our university, Beaconhouse National University. After getting incubated and going through the mentorship of various Plan9 mentors such as Dr. Umar Saif (founder of Plan9 and chairman of PITB), Fadi Bishara (founder of Blackbox VC), Hussein Kanji (co-founder of Hoxton Ventures), Sajjad Kirmani (CEO at Infogistic), to name a few, we started to reshape Travly into a practical business.”3

“We had various training sessions on product development, business development, financial planning, marketing and PR, etc. But Plan9 incubation is only half the story; the six-month program, while exhaustive in its own right, primarily introduced us to the entrepreneurial landscape and gave us time to work on our product”, Shahmir Khan added.

Commenting on the query over Facebook page regarding fare, Travly responded, “We have tried our best to beat the rates of all other travel apps that are out there currently. For that we started with buses and have now expanded to Tuk Tuk. Rates are dependent on various factors and are subjected to change from time to time but we can assure you that Travly services will always be the cheapest and best way for you to travel.”4

Moreover, recently Travly has also signed the MoU with the Lahore Transport Company (LTC) to offer it services in over 2500 cities and 50 routes in Lahore and Karachi and intention for expanding more in near future.


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