Ufone Super Inaami Offer 2015 for Everyone

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Like Past Ufoneis going reward its customers again with launch of “Super Inaami Offer″. This promotion is mainly targeting the loyal customers to reward them. This offer is similar to ShahCar offer.

This is to mobilize inactive Ufone customers as well. To avail this offer you need to recharge a minimum amount balance of Rs. 100+,  which will automatically enter you in Super Inami Offer.

You can win up-to 10 Toyota Corolla 1300cc cars, 70cc 60 motorcycles and 60 gold earrings jewelry.

Also with every recharge, you will get a confirm prize in form of call minutes, SMS bunldes and internet MBs with no hidden terms.

  •  50 minutes
  • 50 SMS
  • 50 MBs of Data

Following is result schedule for big awarding announcements on day basis.

Ufone Inami offer Ad

  • Super Inami Offer Timetable :
    10th April122
    11th April
    12th April
    13th April
    14th April122
    15th April
    16th April
    17th April
    18th April122
    19th April
    20th April22
    21st April22
    22nd April122
    23rd April22
    24th April22
    25th April22
    26th April122
    27th April22
    28th April22
    29th April22
    30th April122
    1st May22
    2nd May22
    3rd May22
    4th May122
    5th May22
    6th May22
    7th May22
    8th May122
    9th May22
    10th May22
    11th May22
    12th May122
    13th May22
    14th May22
    15th May22
    16th May122


Official Terms:
This campaign is valid from 7th April, 2015 to 15th May, 2015; however, this campaign may be amended or terminated earlier at the sole discretion of U fone (PTML) in accordance with the Consumer Protection Regulations (2009) and any amendments thereto;
Recharge of a minimum of Rs. 100, inclusive of taxes within the stated time period shall render the subscriber eligible to participate in this campaign; During the term of the campaign, all Ufone (PTML) prepaid subscribers upon each recharge of Rs. 100/- shall get either of the following; 1) 50 Free minutes (Ufone to Ufone, PTCL & Vfone); 2) 50 Free SMS or; 3) 50 MBs of Data Free; Due to technical limitations, Super Card rechargers will not be eligible for Minutes, SMS & Data, however they however they will be included in the random automated extracted list of lucky winners for Cars, Motorbikes & Gold Earrings;
The resources validity is 01 calendar day. (Resources will expire at 23:59Hrs)
Customers can check remaining resources by dialing *707#;
Call setup fees of Rs 0.10 + Tax applies;
Recharge of a minimum of Rs. 100 or more, inclusive of taxes within the stated time period shall render the subscriber eligible to participate in this offer;
Each recharge of Rs. 100 (inclusive of taxes) will be counted as one/single (1) entry and multiple entries are allowed;
This offer is valid for all Ufone subscribers including MNP and all Prepaid and Postpay subscribers;
Ufone employees, their family members and employees of related organizations cannot be a part of this offer;
Ufone reserves all rights to disqualify entries it deems late, fraudulent or in contravention of the terms of this campaign or against the generally accepted business principles;
Only those subscribers shall be considered eligible for the campaign whose SIMs have been verified by the Biometric system.
To participate in this offer and to be eligible to avail the prize under this offer it is mandatory that the SIM is registered in the name of the subscriber;
In case of corporate customers, even where the SIM is registered in the company that has purchased the SIMs to use by its employees etc., the prize shall be awarded to the actual user of the SIM;
The final list of winners shall be announced at the end of the campaign. Super Inaami Offer campaign schedule is given below
The winners shall only be notified by Ufone Contact Center representative via phone calls made from 333 CLI to their subscriber number. No messages will be left on answering machines or voicemail systems. Any call or SMS from any other number whatsoever declaring the subscriber a winner should be considered as Spam and Ufone bears no responsibility for any such calls;
The winner shall be required to visit Ufone Service center within 60 (sixty) days after being intimated by Ufone Contact Centre representative to collect the prize. Ufone shall have no responsibility or obligation to a subscriber who was declared a winner but for any reason, is unable or unavailable to or who does not for any reason accept, utilize or claim the prize within the given time; where after Ufone shall be permitted to select the next winner.
The name and initials, or name of the organization, as well as the MSISDN of the winners may be announced by newspaper ads, via SMS, TV, radio, website, or any other media;
The winner under this campaign shall not be required to transfer any balance or perform any activity such as Ushare. Any call or SMS (“communication”) informing a subscriber that he/she is the winner and demanding a balance transfer or Ushare should only be considered as Spam and should not be complied with. Ufone shall not be responsible for any such compliance or any losses sustained by the subscriber as a result of compliance with any such communication by the subscriber;
The winner will be required to bring his/her original valid CNIC to Ufone’s designated center and submit all documentation, identity and address proof as required by Ufone;
Ufone’s decision(s) related to the determination of the winners under this offer shall be deemed final;
Ufone in its sole discretion, reserves the right to temporarily suspend the campaign for any reason whatsoever.
Prizes shall only be distributed from specific service centers as determined by Ufone;
The prizes shall not be changed or transferred under any conditions whatsoever;
After a winner under the campaign is announced, he/she shall not be allowed to transfer the ownership of the number against which the prize is awarded for a sixty (60) days from the date of announcement or until the prize is claimed by the winner.
The prize to be awarded by Ufone under this offer shall be 10 Toyota Corolla (XLI) cars (“Car”), 60 Super Power Motorbikes (“Motorbike”) and 60 Gold Earrings as communicated on advertisements and PTML’s website. However; the color or model (or shape in case of Earrings) of the Car and Motorbike may differ from the one shown in the advertisement;
The winner of this offer shall only be awarded the prize after complying with all the terms and conditions of this offer and the reward will be delivered to the winner as per the schedule given by the vendor/manufacturing company, Ufone shall not be liable for any delay in the delivery, any manufacturing defaults or any damage to the Car/Motorbike whatsoever;
Registration costs along-with any other applicable taxes (excluding gift tax), levies and all related costs (“Costs”) shall be borne by the winner and Ufone shall have no responsibility with respect to such Costs. Prizes are provided “as is”;
By participating in the offer, each winner grants the right to Ufone to record, videotape and photograph the Winner (“Images”). These Images will be owned by Ufone. Ufone and each of its designees shall have the right to use, edit, adapt, post, stream, copy and exploit such Images, and all elements embodied therein, including any names, likenesses, voice, conversation and any other attributes of winner’s personality and appearance, individually or with others, in whole or in part, in conjunction with other material, in any and all media now known or hereafter devised, for the purpose of trade, advertising, promotion or any other lawful purpose whatsoever, in perpetuity, throughout the world, without additional compensation, consideration, notification or permission, except where prohibited by law.
Entrants acknowledge that Ufone has neither made nor is in any manner responsible or liable for any warranty, representation or guarantee, express or implied, in fact or in law, relative to the prizes, including any express warranties provided by a prize supplier/manufacturer that are sent along with the prize and any implied warranty of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose.
Ufone shall not be responsible if the determination of winners cannot take place, or if any prize cannot be awarded due to delays, interruptions or failures due any event not within the control of Ufone, including but not limited to acts of God, war, natural disasters, weather, acts or threats of terrorism, strikes, lockouts, labor disputes, work stoppages, fire, acts of government, or other events outside of the reasonable control of Ufone
Other terms and conditions apply: for more information regarding the terms and conditions, please visit
All applicable Government taxes on recharge or bill payment shall apply
Using SIM without proper documentation and the use of a SIM not registered in the users own name is a crime – PTA
By participating in this offer, entrants agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and by the interpretations of these Terms and Conditions by Ufone and by the decisions of Ufone and agree to release and hold Ufone harmless from and against any and all claims, injury or damages arising out of or relating to participation in the use or and, misuse or redemption of the Prizes, and for any claim including claims based on defamation, publicity rights, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, trademark infringement, or any other intellectual property related cause of action or any other such cause.
Any attempt by any person to deliberately damage any website associated with this offer or undermine the content or legitimate operation of the offer may be in violation of criminal and civil law and should such an attempt be made, Ufone will disqualify any such participant and Ufone reserves the right to seek damages (including lawyers’ fees) and other remedies from any such person or persons responsible for the attempt to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Result will listed on official website of

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