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Unemployment Rate in Pakistan 2015 Analysis

(Last Updated On: 11/09/2015)

I reckon unemployment as the biggest social and economic trouble. It is the major borne problem of the severe crisis in the country.

  • A biggest social crisis; a person is being educate to earn their livelihood in future. Although putting down all his possession to get educate or learn skills, after a huge struggle he’s not employed. The failure to earn his lively hood rather makes him furious and latter this raises the other problems in society like Dacoity, rape and terrorism.
  • A biggest economical crisis; an unemployed person is not morally so high, as concerned further he doesn’t allows his children to go and get education. The unemployment of a person is not just his failure; it’s a complete failure of government, institutes and even society. This failure also makes reluctant to our next generations to participate for the betterment of country. This leads long term economical crisis.

Definition of Unemployment: This entry contains the percent of the labor force that is without jobs. Substantial underemployment might be noted.

Labor Force is the population or people of country who are able to do work.

A brief look at Pakistan’s unemployment rate 1983-2015unemployment-1If you look at the table, you can clearly see unemployment rate was having not much variation till 1989 but in 1990 the rate was soared high and then it keeps on fluctuating but after 1989 it never returned back to what it was from 1983-1989.

If we look at 2014-2015, it was 6.75 and in 2015 it is 6.00. That means when Nawaz Sharif came into regime the unemployment rate was 6.20 which reaches 6.75 with increase of .50 in first fiscal year. PML-N held government in its 2nd fiscal year held back the unemployment rate to 6.00, with making difference of .75 in it.

PML-N government well contributed in fields of Livestock, Forestery, Fishery, Small scale manufacturing, General government services did well in 2014-2015 and achieved the set targets successfully.

The current government knowing the problem of energy crisis in Pakistan, established World’s largest solar park named as Quaid e Azam Solar Park. And is also investing on Infrastructure as their top priority.

If government successfully handles both these with same vigour as they are showing that might be road to stable Pakistan’s economic condition and may also increase our GDP.

Top 5 countries with lowest unemployment rate

Qatar: 0.3%
Rwanda: 0.6%
Benin: 1.0%

Unemployment in Pakistan – Short Film

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