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Wiki Loves Earth Contest 2015: Zaeem Siddiq from Pakistan enjoys the top slot

The global picture contest, entitled as ‘Wiki Loves Earth 2015’ was organized; participants from 26 countries were in the competition. And the results are out, here we have big news, Zaeem Siddiq from Pakistan got the 1st in the contest.

The 9-person International jury was organized, which includes: Dmytro Balkhovitin (Ukraine), Matthew Buck (Great Britain), Dietmar Bartz (Germany), Walaa Abdel Manaem (Egypt), Alex Wang (USA), Katerina Zareva-Simeonova (Bulgaria), Zeynel Cebeci (Turkey), Susanne Plank (Austria) and Yathin Krishnappa (India).

In the 2015 Wiki Loves Earth, more than 8,500 participants submitted over 100,000 photos in month of May this year. Around 1500 contestants from Pakistan submitted more than 11,000 photographs, making Pakistan the fourth largest country in terms of submissions and the second largest in terms of participants.

The final 259 selections from 26 countries were in run for the title, the International Jury after getting the final list by the selection of national juries, unveiled Zaeem Siddiq from Pakistan as the winner of the contest.

The contest was organized by Wikimedia Foundation; previous year 2014 was the commencing year of the contest, participants from 15 countries participated in the contest.

The photo which let the Pakistani lad to win the contest is of The Lower Kachura Lake, which is located in Central Karakoram National Park, Skardu.

The prize for the winner includes a trip to attend the Wikimania 2016 conference in Esino Lario, Italy, with paid travel and accommodation expenses.

The landscape is always an eye-catching attention to the local and foreign tourists and now after getting applause publicly it will become more concentrated place.

Here are the top-15 selections by jury:















Fifteenth place: Lines left after skiing on the snowy slopes of Baba Mountain, Pelister National Park, Macedonia. — Photo by Ptahhotep


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