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12 Rabi Awal 2016: Govt Announced Eid Milad un Nabi Holiday

On one of the most blessed days in Islamic history, the birth of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (May Allah Shower His Blessing On Him, the government has announced one day as a national holiday.

The Eid Milad un Nabi holidays is an official Gazetted holiday in Pakistan, and it has been already announced in the Gazetted Holidays 2016 already released by the Ministry of Interior at the start of the ongoing year. Every year, Muslims across the globe celebrate this day with all religious enthusiasm. They arrange for special cloths, organize events about the life of Hazrat Muhammad (May Allah Shower His Blessing on Him) and participate in rallies.public-holiday-on-23-march-pakistan-day

The day for observance of the birthday of the Last Messenger of the Allah, Hazrat Muhammad (sallal-laho alayhi wasallam) is going to celebrate on Monday 12 December 2016 with all religious zeal and respect. Among a lot of holy dates and festivals of Muslims, the day of 12th Rabi al Awaaal is also the most popular data as it is the birthday date of the Hazrat Muhammad (sallal-also alayhi wasallam). In most of the Muslim countries, this day is celebrated as a national holiday. Hundreds and thousands of Mawlid celebrations are held each year in most of the Muslim countries and in other countries where there is considerable Muslim population.

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  1. Muhammad Shafqat

    Eid Milad un Nabi (SAWW) Mubarik to every one in whole world (May Allah shower his Blessing on Him)

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