13 Beautiful Islands in Pakistan

Written by Alison Johnson
(Last Updated On: 19/07/2016)

Maybe it sounds strange to you but our motherland has one of the stunning islands in the world. Pakistan boasts some of the most stunning gateway destinations in Sindh and Baluchistan coastal areas in the entire country.

Island is widely declared as one of the most beautiful natural places. For some it is a place for enjoying water sports, meeting new people and organizing beach parties only and for some, it is like a new book with each chapter containing something new to refresh the mind. We associate this kind of places with a number of rejuvenating and good things.

There are many islands in Pakistan in which some might disappoint you but there are also few which are worth to visit and will actually never fail to give you a refreshing and relaxing vacation. Here is the list of some stunning islands in Pakistan.

1. Astola Island or Jazeera Laft Talar, Baluchistan Astola Island or Jezira Laft Talar, Baluchistan

2. Zalzala Koh or Zalzala Jazeera, Baluchistan Zalzala Koh

3. Malan Island, Baluchistan Malan Island, Baluchistan

4. Baba and Bhit Islands, Sindh Baba and Bhit Islands

5. Buddo Island, Sindh Buddo Island

6. Bundal Island or Bundaar, Sindh Bundal Island

7. Churna Island, Sindh

8. Hawke’s Bay Beach or Hawkesbay, Sindh Hawke's Bay Beach

9. Shams Pir, Sindh Shams Pir

10. Manora, Sindh Manora, Sindh island

11. Khiprianwala Island, Sindh Khiprianwala Island

12. Clifton Oyster Rocks, Sindh Clifton Oyster Rocks

13. Bukkur Island, Sindh Bukkur Island

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