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15 Water and Amusement Parks in Pakistan

Water and amusements parks have been popular entertainment venues since the time they were the first set up in the late eighteenth century. Since then these places have evolved to become theme parks which cater to a wider audience and a diversity of age of groups.

In Pakistan, the dramatic increase in the sales of vehicles, consumer durables, property, club membership and the increased frequency of air travel to tourist hubs are testimonial indicators suggesting increased prosperity.

In Pakistan, there are water and amusement parks in the main cities but still there is a general dearth of safe and quality outdoor entertainment venues. The government is also planning to develop proposed parks in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad thematically in accordance with the associated city’s culture and heritage and that of Pakistan in general in addition to thematic conceptualizations from world cultures and subjects of learning. Themed attractions along with thrill rides will differentiate the project from other amusement parks in the proposed locations.

Here is the list of some water and amusements parks in Pakistan.

  1. Sozo Water Park, LahoreSozo Water Park

  2. Dreamworld, KarachiDreamworld, Karachi

  3. Sindbad Amusement Park, KarachiSindbad Amusement Park, Karachi

  4. Chunky Monkey, KarachiChunky Monkey, Karachi

  5. The Great Fiesta, KarachiThe Great Fiesta, Karachi

  6. Aqua Land Water Park, FaisalabadAqua Land Water Park, Faisalabad

  7. Aqua Fun Resort Water Park, IslamabadAqua Fun Resort Water Park Islamabad

  8. Joyland, LahoreJoyland, Lahore

  9. Skyland Water Park, LahoreSkyland Water Park, Lahore

  10. Oasis Golf & Aqua Resort, LahoreOasis Golf & Aqua Resort,Lahore

  11. X Park, LahoreX Park,Lahore

  12. Goodi & Joyous Playland, LahoreGoodi & Joyous Playland, Lahore

  13. Jungle World Theme Park & Zoo, RawalpindiJungle World Theme Park & Zoo, Rawalpindi

  14. Karachi Safari Park, KarachiKarachi Safari Park, Karachi

  15. Go Aish Adventure Park, KarachiGo Aish Adventure Park, Karachi

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