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After Sindh, KP Govt also announces holiday on 5th February Kashmir Day

(Last Updated On: 04/02/2016)

Days after the decision of Public Holiday was pulled off in Sindh over 5 February Kashmir Day, now Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government have also announced a public holiday across the province.

Here it should be kept mentioned that Kashmir Day was also included in the list of the Public Holidays 2016, but yet now no confirmation is done in this regard by the federal government. As they in move to lessen the holidays throughout Pakistan, cancelled Iqbal day holiday 9 November 2015.

The initiative was improvised to cover the damage done due to emergency irregular holidays, which also directly affect the education of young lads of soil.

But this time before the commands of Federal government, the provincial government has cleared their stance over having holiday on 5th February Kashmir Day. The day is celebrated in Pakistan to show solidarity and support to the Indian-held Kashmir.

Pakistan has been voicing on different platforms to make sure the freedom of Indian-administrated Kashmir, although they have not got any breakthrough but Kashmir issue has been always the top priority of government in Pakistan and they have always been standing together with the Kasmhiri fraternity, when they are in grieves.

The Kashmir Day is also celebrated as a remembrance day of martyrs of Kashmir, who were unvoiced for upholding the voice for their freedom. Millions of Kashmiris have been martyred so far and the cruelty of Indian government since Independence Day of Pakistan meets no comparison.

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