Ahmed Shehzad supporters in ground after his departure from World T20, Asia Cup squad

(Last Updated On: 11/02/2016)

The stardom Ahmed Shehzad enjoys is dream off many, although this all is not only because of his just cricketing performances, his style and attitude is something which stands him one of the most sought after celebrity of Pakistan.

Shehzad was introduced to international criekt back in 2009 since then he was known as an aggressive and flamboyant opener but later in his carrer he totally changed his cricketing mode from attacking to defensive but still he was belived to attack his opponents brutally whener he wanted to.

Shehzad played some pivotal innings which made Pakistan win on the board and in many crucial conditions he added much needed runs to the scorecard.

Apart from his entire cricketing career, he holds friendly relation with international cricketers as he has jolly nature. Namely, his friendship with Shahid Afridi and Chris Gayle has always been talk of the town.

In his career so far he is several times hurled into different controversies, mainly because of his aggressive nature.

From previous sometime he was not in that touch and was failing baldy to perform anything he was earlier known for and because of all this he is not included in the announced squad for World T20 and Asia Cup by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

As we now that Shehzad posses huge numbers of fans, they all chimed on social meida sking for Shehzad’s return in the side for these mage events

#WeWantAhmadShahzadBack trening on Twitter for last 18 hours










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