Akcent Live In Concert in Lahore on 11th August. Venue, Passes details here!


There not as much as recreational or entertainment activities in Pakistan, and  at the same time when you hear about your favorite foreign singer heading in your city, that sounds like getting a pizza with some extra cheese topping on it.


Getting strait to the point the all buzz and sensation is around, because the Romanian Band Akcent is coming Pakistan. As we so far have got in our knowledge, that the band will going live in Lahore.

The band since its inception back in 1999 has produced several numbers which arouses you to rock on the stage with your grooves. The Akcent became the household name with the marvelous success gained from ‘My Passion’ and ‘That’s My Name’.

The solo star Adrina Sina alone holds the band name Akcent, after several of the co-band members left the band. Sina, himself posses much love for the Pakistani fans and due to this fan-star relation with Pakistanis he has several times visited Pakistan. Whereas, other stars are reluctant to visit Pakistan as they are up with the excuse of security threat.


To recall you the Akcent’s passion for his Pakistanis fans; Here is what Akcent posted via his official Facebook account over the Independence Day of Pakistan 2014:


Akcent Live in Lahore 11th August, 2016

International Affairs Conference Pakistan in collaboration with Red Fire Entertainment and Grandeur Planners presents you Akcent and Kashif Ali Baber Live in Lahore on 11th August at The City School Sports Complex.
Details regarding the tickets will be uploaded soon.
Faizan Qureshi : 03364866788
Ayaz Ahmed : 03334270993
Waleed Hassan : 03129653836
Ali Muqaddas : 03314023176


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