Pearson VUE Test Centers in Pakistan

By Abdul Hadi — Published on 31/07/2016

Pearson VUE test centers in Pakistan are the places where college grades and school students go to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and commitments when they test with Pearson VUE.  Almost 450 organizations across the globe choose Pearson VUE to take a test on their behalf. From high stakes programs to online practice tests and proctored exams that require the industry’s most secure testing environment, Pearson VUE is one of the leading leaders in computer-based testing system. It takes tests in the following disciplines.

  • Academia & admissions
  • Financial & related services
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Information technology (IT)
  • Military
  • The US licensing & global regulatory

Here is the list of test centers in Pakistan

Pearson VUE Test Centers in Lahore

Al- Khawarizmi Institute Of Computer Science

Al-Khawarizmi Institute Of Science
University Of Engineering and Technology
G. T. Road
Lahore 54890

Pearson VUE Test Centers in Islamabad


24-D, Rashid Plaza
1st Floor Blue Area
Jinnah Avenue
Islamabad 44000
Islamabad Capital Territory

Pearson VUE Test Centers in Karachi

Tec Education Foundation

A 152 Block 12
Karachi 75290

How to Create an Account?

  1. Go to your testing program landing page
  2. Click “Create an account.”
  3. Follow the step-by-step instructions. You will be asked to provide basic demographics (an email address is required), along with any other information deemed important by your program or board.
  4. If you are asked to provide your ID number while creating an account, you may require pre-authorization from the testing program or board. If you do not have this information, contact the testing program or board. A link to its website is provided on the landing page

How do I schedule, reschedule or cancel an exam online?

  1. Go to your testing program landing page
  2. Click “Sign In.”
  3. Enter your username and password.
  4. To schedule:
    • Choose an exam.
    • Then, a location.
    • Finally, a date and time.
  5. To reschedule or cancel, look at the “Upcoming Appointments” section for instructions.
    • Some programs charge fees for rescheduling and/or canceling an exam. To determine if there is a fee to reschedule or cancel your exam, check your appointment confirmation email.
    • The deadline to reschedule or cancel an appointment will vary by testing program. To determine the policy for your exam and testing program, check your appointment confirmation email.
    • Your profile will reflect the updated appointment and you will receive an email confirming any change. If your new appointment (or change) is not reflected online, contact Customer Service to confirm the appointment.

How much will my exam cost?

  1. The cost of exams varies by testing program, exam type, and sometimes region.
  2. You can find the exam fee once logged into your Pearson VUE account or on your testing program website.

What payment methods are available?

  1. If your testing program requires authorization, typically you will pay your fee to the testing program at the time of registration.
  2. If no pre-authorization is required, you must pay the exam fee at the time of scheduling. Payment may be made with a Visa, American Express or MasterCard debit/credit card.
  3. Pre-paid vouchers may be used in place of or in conjunction with other forms of payment. Some testing candidates receive vouchers from their school or employer or, for many testing programs; vouchers may be purchased at the Pearson VUE Voucher Store.  Vouchers:
    • expire one year from the date they are issued
    • may be limited to a specific type of exam
    • are non-refundable and non-extendable
  4. Candidates testing within some sanctioned and restricted countries will be unable to submit credit card payment online or through Customer Service. If this is the case, contact the test center directly to inquire about paying for your appointment using other methods of payment.

For more details visit: Pearson VUE

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