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All Zong 3G/4G Packages From Daily, Weekly to Monthly

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 27/11/2016)

The internet speed being offered by Zong has been unquestionable since its launch of 3G and 4G services in the country. There is no doubt, the internet service of Zong is many a time better than that of other cellular companies in Pakistan and even the internet services of PTCL as well. For the same reasons, Zong has millions of internet users across the country.

At present Zong is offering almost thirteen internet packages in its Zong daily, weekly and monthly 3G and 4G internet plans. The social media buckets and other collective SMS, call and internet packages are in addition to these basic internet packages.

Here is Zong Internet Bundle Portfolio 2G/3G and 4G

Zong Daily Internet Package

Daily MiniRs. 520 MB
Daily BasicRs. 15100 MB
Daily PremiumRs. 25200 MB
Daytime OfferRs. 121 GB from 4 AM to 4 PM

Dial *6464# for tariff activation menu

Zong Night Internet Package

GN (1am to 9am)Rs. 61GB

Dial *6464# for tariff activation menu

Zong Weekly Internet Package

Weekly PremiumRs. 70700 MB
Weekly SuperRs. 1002000 MB

Dial *6464# for tariff activation menu

Zong Monthly Internet Package

Monthly MiniRs. 50150 MB
Monthly BasicRs. 150500 MB
Monthly PremiumRs. 3002 GB
Monthly PremiumRs. 6006 GB
Monthly PremiumRs. 1,80016 GB
Monthly Premium PlusRs. 3,50020 GB

Dial *6464# for tariff activation menu

Zong All in One Internet Package

DailyRs. 2040 MB
WeeklyRs. 130350 MB
MonthlyRs. 350700 MB
MonthlyRs. 5992 GB
MonthlyRs. 7994 GB

Dial *6464# for tariff activation menu

Zong Social Internet Bundle

SP (FB, WA, T)Rs. 10100MB

Dial *6464# for tariff activation menu

Add Ons of Zong Internet:

Basic Add-OnRs.10100 MBSMS ‘ba’ to 6464

How to Subscribe for Zong 3G/4G Internet?

Dial *6464# for activation detail. You can directly subscribe to Zong internet from here as well.

Data Usage Check

To know about remaining balance dial *102#.

Answers to Some Important Questions

When will Notification Messages be sent?

For Daily & Hourly bundles, usage notification messages would be sent at 80% utilization only.

For Weekly & Monthly bundlesAdd Ons will be recommended at 80% & 100% utilization.

usage notification messages would be sent at: 20%, 50%, 80% & 100% utilization

How many times can a bundle be Re-subscribed?

All packages can be re-subscribed as many times a customer desires within the validity period, after reaching volume cap EXCEPT Daily Packages.

How will Auto-Renewal happen?

All packages are on auto-renewal meaning that auto-renewal will keep on happening until the customer does not have sufficient balance for three consecutive days. After four days of no balance, he will be unsubscribed.

When will the Default Package be charged?

Initially, when a user has not subscribed to any bundle, the default rate of Rs.18/MB will be charged.
Default rate will be charged again after the expiry of data bundle, Add-On and OOB rate validity.

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