Arshad Khan Blue-Eyed Chaiwala from Islamabad is Now Fashion Wala

Written by Ali
(Last Updated On: 19/10/2016)

Well, social media and electronic media have found another entertainment for them. Our media needs a story to keep them busy, and this time they found a guy in Islamabad who is a tea boy. The tea boy named Arshad Khan who is basically from Peshawar is a nowadays internet sensation. He has been popular not only in Pakistan. Indians girls are also appraising him for his beauty.

The blue eyed Arshad Khan Chai Wala when went to his shop on as usual he was not aware of the fact that he has been famous across Pakistan and India.

Right after getting popularity, there is debate over social media platform again why Arshad Khan has been chosen? Does Pakistan media need another story to keep them alive? Now most of the girls are proposing him but what would have been their point of view if he were not so popular? Did they ever propose any boy who is a Chai Wala or we live in a double standard society where media decide bout the future of anyone?

Arshad Khan is now getting offers from the modeling and publications houses. He has also expressed his wishes to work in any Bollywood or Hollywood movie.

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