Chinese Styled Motorcycle Taxi Service ‘Cargar’ Launched in Pakistan

You are well aware of the normal taxi service but have you heard about motorcycle taxi service? If not then don’t worry, soon you will see this on the roads of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Some NUST students have launched this service for the first time in Pakistan. The motorcycle taxi service was started in China in the late 1980s and since after then many countries adopted this idea for economical travel and controlling traffic.

The graduated of NUST have taken this initiative by the name of Cargar. Cargar is a motorcycle taxi service that in other words is a ride sharing motorcycle service. The service is initially launched in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Team Cargar
Team Cargar

“Cargar is an innovative start-up aiming to provide its customers with smart solutions to over-charging, traffic congestion and intensification of carbon footprint. With Cargar, you’ll experience secure, inexpensive and efficient transport which shall reinvigorate not only the road infrastructure of twin cities but also cause a reduction in civic issues”, a statement on their website said.

Cargar aims to economic optimization services, the solution to traffic congestion and pollute the free environment. After the successful launch of motorcycle taxi service, Cargar aims to launch taxi service as well just like Uber and Careem.

Cargar Charges:

Charges are fixed at Rs.15/km and Rs. 20 for service charges. Currently, two points of Cargar are F-8 Kachehry and G-9 Metro Stations.

“Cargar aims to provide maximum safety for its customers with helmets made mandatory for all riders and passengers,” Cargar CEO Faran Ahmed said. Karachi and Lahore will be the next destinations of Cargar, he added.14063952_289681044729343_4607109607020094323_n

The mobile app for Android smartphones is under development using which the willing riders can reserve motorcycle taxi in advance.

If you want to enjoy their service, then read out the instructions here and book a ride.

What is Motorcycle Taxi?

Drivers of motorcycle taxis in Bangkok wearing orange vests

The motorcycle taxi service is a single passenger containing taxi service. The one passenger rides as the pillion behind the motorcycle driver/operators. In some countries, it is a licensed form of transport.


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