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Confirmed: Aamir Khan’s ‘Dangal’ not releasing in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 23/12/2016)

Days back the news of Pakistani cinema owners lifting the ban from screening of the Bollywood films worked as icing on the cake for movie-enthusiasts out there in the country. Especially, Aamir Khan fans were in the cloud nine with this big news as this move came days before Khan’s latest flick ‘Dangal’.

Even with having some strong chances of Dangal releasing in Pakistan.

According to Indian Express, Spokesperson of the distributors of the film has issued a statement and confirmed that Dangal will not be releasing in Pakistan, saying that “any news reports to the contrary are false.”

According to the sources, the film is not set for release in Pakistan as distributors are eyeing the green signal from government of Pakistan for screening the Indian films.

It would be pertinent to mention here that, following Uri Attack the tension between Pak-Ind escalated. Upon which MNS asked Pakistani artistes to leave India immediately and Indian Motion Picture Producers Association also banned Pakistani artists and technicians working in the Indian films.

Cinema owners in Pakistan incurred Rs 150 million in losses after screenings of Indian movies were suspended, according to the Indian media.

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